When the End is Near!

How do we know when the end is near?
Is it when our heart is full of fear?
And why is there so much fear?
Because our heart we don’t want to tear?

Is it a fear of not succeeding?
When I think of that my heart start bleeding.
That happens because you think you failed,
But why does it have to be you to have that title held.

Did you give your all?
Then don’t look at it as a fall.
Were you honest and true?
And if so then those feelings are not about you!

I did my best
I’m sure better than the rest
This wasn’t a test
We just didn’t mesh.

But the sooner we see that and let go
Out internal strength will surely grow

And move on and become better and stronger than before
Once we love ourselves truly then love will adorn

Love will find you; you don’t have to look for it,
Your heart will know it’ll be a sure fit
So relax and let go
Leave your heart open so it can grow.

Be true to you!!!! Be true to LOVE!!!


Who is “Scott”?

Scott was strength?

What determines ones strength? Is it perseverance, Determination?

Could it be the lack of indignation?

Some of us possess that trait,

No signs within him that displays hate.

Scott was an inspiration; Scott was so full of jubilation?

For me he was definitely adoration.

If you knew Scott, even if you’d just met him, didn’t matter, it was open season,

He would crack jokes on you for no reason.

Scott definitely possessed a gift that is indescribable,

But not in a way that’s suicidal.

I often reflect back to when he and I first met,

We’d have wrestling matches, guess who would win; care to make a bet?

Then we’d have what’s called joaning matches between he and I,

I was good, but that was short lived; I wonder why?

He rose to every challenge in life,

Determined to marry the woman he loved and make her his wife.


This man had it all, and when she accepted he was so full of elation.

I’ve come to understand that Scott has served his purpose in this lifetime,

That GOD has set aside something new for him; a different climb.

Scott I miss you, Scott I miss your humor, your DJ skills and especially the wrestling matches;

Maybe the next go round, next lifetime. I won’t have anyone call for emergency dispatches.

I love you Scott!!!!


You are/were truly STRENGTH

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Missing You

Your touch I miss the most of all
gentle, calming nerves enthrall
now when I try to pull you near
whisper “I love you” in your ear
my arms draw air, empty embrace
as molten tears sear down my face
gentle words I speak to you
of joy in finding love so true
you cannot hear my longing plea
can’t find the voice to answer me
I watch you sobbing in your sleep
once more the tears begin to seep
I wish to comfort your despair
your tortured soul I would repair
but nothing that I try will halt
the sadness that your heart assaults
it breaks my heart to see you hurt
I wish to the past we could revert
where hand in hand we met the world
in joy and love our days unfurled
sadly those days have come to end
in time your broken heart will mend
so I sit helpless, wailful of your pain
convulsing in sorrow, crying in vain
I wish to hold you, comfort your fear
push back your hair, kiss dry the tear
but I can’t help you, stay your cry
who was to know that I would die


From my window, I stare at the clouds
trying to spot the various shapes I always find,
But all I see is your face
Your lovely picture on my mind.

Sometimes when I picture you,
In my arms being held close
is where I want you to be,
But this can never happen, as of now
you don’t feel this way yet for me

I’m ok with that; I’m patient because I know that
“Good things come to those who wait”,
Eventually we’ll be there and your heart I will elate.
It’s great to talk to you especially when I feeling so much lust,
But I know it won’t always be that way,
Neither can I tell you how I feel to much because I like it
and always want that feeling to stay.

Maybe turn into more than lust maybe even love
But that is definitely in the future
I’ll have so much to pour upon you and adorn
you with that it will be so comforting, relaxing,
and just plain wonderful,
You say where have you been all my life, I think we
make the perfect couple.

You will always be there for me
But now no more than a friend
And when I talk with you, changing of the
Subject when I bring up more of a relationship, is
What you tend.
I understand why that is. It’s better to take things slow
A day at a time
That way what develops is

When you were comforting me,
I remember, one sad night,
You touched me for the first time,
Touched my shoulders, really light.

When I found out that you liked me,
The heaven seemed to be on earth,
I waited for such a long time,
I was gifted with a day of mirth.

When you were kissing me,
Whom were you thinking about?
You were killing me inside,
But I didn’t bring the pain out.

And after walking with you so long,
Today, you throw our friendship away,
I feel so hurt and lonely,
But, you don’t feel this way


Pour out all of your emotions
into a crystal clear picture.
Then they can be stirred
and looked upon with wonder.
Now divide them up equally
with those of us who care.
We will sip them slowly
savoring each and every bit.
Sharing yourself in this way
gives a little peace to us all.
Don’t water down your feelings
spill them out here and now.