Pour out all of your emotions
into a crystal clear picture.
Then they can be stirred
and looked upon with wonder.
Now divide them up equally
with those of us who care.
We will sip them slowly
savoring each and every bit.
Sharing yourself in this way
gives a little peace to us all.
Don’t water down your feelings
spill them out here and now.


If love was as easy as hate,
Wouldn’t the world be a better place
To live and to breed
Your love is all I would need
If the passion we felt were destined to be felt only by you,
and by me
Would you stop falling in love?
Would that be so easy?
If the expectation were to love only you,
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have something that is so easy to do?

If all the stars failed to shine
Just as brightly as they do during the nighttime
Before, I would stop to look into the night sky?
And in the back of my mind I’d wonder why, why?

How could I be blessed with something so good, so true
That is the gift that I give only to you…

If the dried petals of flowers from a forgotten past
Were meant to define how long our love would last
What memories, oh what memories to be reminded by?
And you’d ask yourself, why, why, why…..
How could I be so blessed,
Does that mean I past the test?

So Eli don’t be afraid

Open your heart!
Feel the emotions!
Let the tears flow!
Let love run through your veins!
Let passion reel your head!
Don’t let fear cloud your vision!
Let your spirit rule your mind!
Let loose of those untamed emotions!
Let the passion and intimacy we feel for each other be free!
Free to be free, and to allow yourself to love unconditionally!

So fear not Eli, open your heart only to me!
And I’ll promise to keep it safe under lock and key!

This is how and what I feel for you……
Don’t be afraid, I will with all my power make
You the happiest man on earth
Filled with all the passion I have inside, it’s like
A new birth
In a sense we are, fresh new and that what makes
It exciting
Like a bolt of lightning
Electrifying, magnifying, so over powering
Man I’m creaming between my thighs
Ohhh let me in and give me the key to your heart
From your heart to mine that key will never part



“Why Are These Feelings Here”

“Why Are These Feelings Here?”

Why are these feelings here?
Even when you are no where near.
I can see your face in every place,
which starts my heart to race.

Do I scare you or make you want to run away; thinking back to
the last time we did meet,
I started out by telling you how you make me feel whole and even complete.

What was love that I once saw has faded from your eyes,
now all I hear is your little white lies and still I become more paralyzed.

When I think of your touch,
I question why do I love you so much?
With loving you so deeply you’ve taken my heart,
I have loved you right from the very start.

Why is it me always waiting for you?
Hoping and trying to make all of our dreams come true.

Instead of seeing what you really are,
my love hangs on because we have come this far.
Yet I know deep down it must end this way; even when my feelings for you are so true
what a shame I am to had to fall in love with you.

My Ending, my closure

Thank you!!! I’m finally free,
I now have the closure that I needed.

I definitely know that I’m no longer in love with you…

Is Love A Crime


I have been holding back, waiting for the right moment

Here I am hiding, down in the bushes, my wall

Finally there he stood






Man those eyes talk to me

Bedroom eyes

Overhead lights come over


It’s over

Damn that was good


Wake up,

It was just a dream