BlackBeautee1 – Beautiful, sexy, smart, chiseled, strong, curvacious, slender, long, soft, feminine, sensual, sensuous, and sweet smelling.
The warmth of my body as I nestle up to him. He feels so strong, sensual, hard, steady, confident, and delicious.
The nickname he has for me, and I really like it is “BlackBeautee1”.
He sees me as very physically fit.
Intellectual, a giver, as well as softness is my role. Balance, fairness, and our giving of each other. Taking life day to day.
Not needing the other to be the one that makes us happy.

BlackBeautee1 – slender, softness, beauty, sexy, mysteriously unpredictable. Growing together and constantly evolving.
No assumptions of him, and living in the moment. Sexually exploratory, and always open to sexual experiences.
Solidarity, and integrity are the fuel of his desire. Freedom to talk openly and honestly. Expressing what he fantasizes about. Expressing what I fantasize about.
Knowing what I want. Him knowing what he wants. Honest discussing my fantasy about wanting to be with different men, in different scenarios in my relationship with him. I expressed that to him and asked what he thought about that. He said that he sometimes fantasizes about being with other women. Is that wrong? No it’s human nature… People are people.

BlackBeautee1 – Can a couple be monogamous in relationships? Yes, you can because it is a choice. Its nice to be able to talk openly about this, and really take the relationship day by day. Knowing that your human, that he’s human. Things will happen, but you can survive them if you recognize how you two work as a couple.

Lying on his chest, sliding my hands across his chest. Allowing the passion to flow between us. My sculpted body. His not so sculpted body. That’s OK because I like that… After sharing our fantasies with each other and affirming our commitment to each other. We kiss, and oh that kiss is out of this world.
Exploration, sensuality, thought-provoking, love making.

Exhaling, as he touches my pussy! My body is starting to get warm, and his lips are gently sliding up and down my body. But when they reach mine, I start to shiver.

BlackBeautee1 – I tighten, and grasp his head. At that moment, I release and explode. He then finds my creamy filling, and stroke, slides, and glides inside and out. When he can’t take no more he explodes, and I feel all his creamy goodness inside of me.

He says softly, you are my “BlackBeautee1”

I want the love of ……

Yummy, delicious, sensual, strong and fun….to be with you lying in bed as we stare at each other.
You turn to me and smile, this the light that light my life.
The scent of the night before pleasure forces us to reach out and touch each other. You know what follows after that?
Um, is what you moan as I slide my hands down and start stroking your firmness. I hear how much you’re enjoying that so I make my way down to your cock as I kiss and lick and slide my tongue to your pleasure spot.
You moans grow faster, you pull me closer, you grab my hand and pull my lips from your firmness and kiss me so strong.
Then you say “Lovergirl” I want you forever. I love making love to you.
I turn and say, I don’t want to make love to you! I want to FUCK you!
Come here and let me FUCK you, and you go limp. You love it when I take control and talk dirty to you. I want to FUCK you to where there is nothing left. I want all your HOT cum! I want it! I WANT, I WANT IT NOW!
Warmness comes, and you are at a loss for words.

I smile, because I know my work here is done! Morning FUCK sessions are the best! You are always ready for me, it’s so easy to hop on and go for a ride.

One song that comes to mind is “Superman, man, man…. I love my Superman, man, man… Do it to me Superman, man, man… Superman

You laugh and say I love you T-Baby. I say to you, that I love you to sweetie.

Wow! what a dream, as this love is gone. Never to be no more.

Trip down memory lane. Nice moment of reflection.

Getting Wet With You Babe

My baby walked into the house and after he took off his last sneaker,
I gave him that look as I stepped into the shower.
I wiped the water from the glass shower door showing him that I am washing myself, then he stopped and took a glance,
I said hey baby, I am really lonely by myself in this big ole shower all by myself.
He smiled and said to himself “it’s my chance!”
How lucky am I to be with her.
He stepped in and rubbed soap from the top of my head on down to my legs,

Lovergirl, he exhaled and quivered as he was trying to speak. But exhalation was all that needed to be said.
He smiled and pulled me close and gave me the most amazing kiss,
Again from the top of my head, around my tits, and down to my clit, then to my ass, and that part he better not miss.
I spread my legs and expose the opening of all my honey goodness and nothing more is to be said.
My honey goodness explodes as he goes in and out my slot,
It’s so wet, and our shower just became more hot
He grabbed me by the legs and lifted me up in his arms
Takes his manliness and slides in and out, in and out, and in and out he does that repeatedly.
I couldn’t take it anymore and I explode all over him and slide my tongue around his cock uncontrollably

This was sooo HOT!

Want a kiss, and where to kiss!

May I kiss you?
Who knew what you wanted to do
Man, the taste of your lips
So amazing, that it stays in my memory
Your tongue lightly flicking around my tits
As it circles around my tits, you slide down to my clit
Oh my God, I want you
Do you want me?
All I can say is don’t stop
Please me, don’t you stop
YEESSS is all I can muster
As you lick my labial lips with your tongue
Sliding around and down my body
Gliding inside and out
Over and over again and again
I don’t want you to stop loving me, licking me
Tickling me, exploring me, as you slide your tongue down my clit
I close my eyes and I feel and explore your lips against mine
Feeling your lips back against my lips
You slide your cock inside of me
As you thrust and thrust and thrust again
Your cock just working my pussy
As my pussy tighten around your cock
I slide you out of me and into my mouth
As I suck, lick, and love your cock
The sensation is driving you insane
I repeat
I climb on top of you and I sway with the motion
Then to back and forth
You love every moment of it as it is written all over your face
Because we are the perfect mates
We have chemistry that is so amazing
That I just squirt all over the place
I ask again, can we do it again?
As you look, I see no words are necessary

I love you! (exhale!)



We begin our busy day hurried
Too fast to even speak
Fast to where our lips never meet
Stop wait, retreat!

You are safe here, I am safe there
Slow down and wait for me to share

Thump, thump

That’s the sound of my heart beating

Thump, thump, thump

Hold me close as it is repeating

As you approach closer

Thump, thump, thump, thump

My love in my heart starts to bolster

Then the smile that comes to my face
as you come near
Now safely inside
my love has no fear

You grab your thighs to feel me close
I feel a fiery well up inside

Stroke me with your mind
Stroke me with your mind
Stroke me with your mind

As I relax and close my eyes
You undress me as I undress you
Grabbing you from your waist
then kissing your lips then your nose.

Stopping, waiting, listening

While our hearts explode

Rapid beats of passion
Rapid beats of love
Rapid beats of lust

You’re my oxygen I breath
En-gulping your breath deep within
With every thrust
En-gulping you deep within
With every thrust

These feelings are nostalgic
En-gulping every last ounce of you
because for you I am an alcoholic

Pleasure Wake-Up Call

Pleasure Wake Up Call

He kisses me softly all through the night
He touches me gently all through the night
There is no need to set the alarm
He is my wakeup call
The pleasure of it all is the thought of
of waking up with him

As the morning sun rises and the darkness fades away
I reach over and he quickly rises
I feel his warm body, and strong cock
and I press my breast against his backside

I blow my hot breath because with each stroke his passion flows
I rub his shoulders and slowly move down his back
Squeeze your balls and around to his ass

I touch and touch, as I slide my hand around to your chest
and move my body closer to yours
As I do, you push your body back against mine

When you do, my nipples become erect
As he turns to touch me, my nipples stengthen
and my pussy starts to quiver
Longing for your touch

You grab me, and wrap my legs around yours
Pull me to you as your tongue flickers around my nipples
Your cock is already pulsating and quite strong

Just the moment I have been waiting for
My lips and tongue stroking up and down his back
around to his cock

I suck, stroke, caress, and touch you all over as my lips are sucking on your back
your hand are now turning me around as you slide down to my sweet spot
The sensation of it all turns me on and runs through every inch of my body

Your tongue and fingers start dancing on my clit
roaming in and out and around my pussy
Steamy love making exudes us as the sunlight peeks through the window

Good morning Superman! I love you…



The bedroom door swings open
slowly on its hinges a creaking
revealing a long curvacious silhouette
in bed a sleeping

A giggle in the darkness
sounds erotic, enticing, intriguing
maybe thoughts of a recent rendezvous
flashes back while she is dreaming

A strong object in the darkness
requests a sudden meeting
Soon the sounds of love making
begins and heavy breathing

The bed soon rejoices
in their song of squeaking
but wait we have to be careful
of the noises

There are little ones abound

Making love is wonderful