Is It Wrong To Say That Size Does Matter?

Damnit! Size does matter. I don’t want a puny dick and someone talking shit that is unable to deliver! Damnit! I want to be fucked hard from the front and back. Told what to do! Fuck, take control of me! Man-handle my black ass! Dominate me and give me the best oral ever!

I am not going to lie! It’s great with a dick that is the perfect size and please don’t fuck me like a jack rabbit! I want slow and go with the motion. Follow my lead, and fuck me just right.



Lick and suck my pussy hard, but then not so much.

Grab my titties and have your way with them! Squeeze my nipples and oh my gosh, I will cream all over the place.

Is it so wrong to say that size does matter? To me yes it does and I will take one of these to go please! 🙂


Hard! Can I please have this to go with a side of oral?

Just The Thought Of You!

You come to me and push my hair softly behind my ear while you whisper to me your intent.
Pressing your throbbing, hot frame against me so our hearts beat as one.
Hear my spirit whisper back through my actions a tantalizing tale of cooperation.
You grow with anticipation as the smell of my body consume your thoughts.

Our lips lock together as yours linger on top of mine and your tongue traces the curves of my lips.
Gingerly kissing me sending chills up and down my spine.
You glide your hands down my body as I feel all the will to withstand you fade away.
My breasts responds as I absorb all of the sweet nothings you’re whispering in my ear.

arousal-images-12Looking at me intensely in my eye and they are saying just take me baby.
Feel me, drink all of me as much as you want.
My lover beckons the reaction of my body as you touch, lick, and breathe your hot breath all over me.
I have a major hunger or shall I say a need that is waiting to be fed.

I savor every second of this moment as our passion is fully unleashed.
The lightness of the touch from such strong hands sends my mind in ecstasy
As you grab my tousled hair and lean my head back and plant your lips on my exposed throat
Explicit thoughts possess my mind and my body immediately responds and I expel “I love you!”

Just the thought of you!

Dominate Me! I Just Discovered I Like It!


This image was so beautiful and safe that I had to pull it from one of my followers blog and write about it!

Now in all actuality, it could be interpreted multiple ways, but because I am exploring domination, I totally love it.

My pleasure senses just kicked into high gear.
As the man I love and desire is getting near.
The sunlight is starting to set.
Till dawn and the moon begins to crest.
I can’t help but feel aroused.
Pleasure is about to be shroud.

We are get ready to play, and lay, and explore until our body quivers.
Quivers uncontrollably, until we start to go insane.
Am I afraid?
I am afraid!
He’s not afraid.

This is new for me.
This is new for him.
Giving up control you see.
Him giving up control to me.
You now control me and I obey.
I now control you and you obey.
Well, at least for today.

I am in the heat of desire as you tell me to undress!
You pull out a latex catsuit, pumps, and lay out handcuff, whips.
There is a swing hanging from the ceiling and a chair with stirups in the corner!
I smile, you smile, and we smile together for what awaits us.

You are a sensual lover who liked to take your time.
It is truly about the pleasure of the both of us.
I please you and you please me.

Exploration of each other in our nakedness.
That is just fabulous as I explore your strongness of your cock.
It feels so strong, hard, and firmly erect.
I can’t wait any longer, and I take you in and suck, lick and stroke
you with my lips and down my throat.

You are shaking with pleasure and you loose control.
The urge to take me and fuck me hard is so intense in you.
Language is foreign and not available at the moment.

You lay me back and part my legs and express your love for me with your tongue.
Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Baby, Baby, don’t stop baby! Yes, suck my pussy, lick my clit!
Up down that clit, round and round that clit! Tongue in and out my pussy! Work it baby!
Oh, go baby! Don’t stop baby!

Wait! I say to him…. I want to dress for you.
I slip into my latex for him and demand he lay down!
I then control him.

He likes it.
Now his turn.

He tells me to come to him!
I obey.
He pushes me to my knees!
I obey.
He sticks his cock in my mouth!
I obey.

I suck and lick until he is ready to explode.
He pulls away.
Picks me up and puts me in the swing.

He gets on his knees.
He pleases me.
He sticks his cock in my pussy and fucks me.

I plead with him to fuck me more!
I ask him to fuck me harder!
He complies.

I ask him to send me to bliss please sir?
He says no! I have to wait until he’s ready!
My vibrator comes out and he places it on my clit.

I scream in pleasure and ask sir, do I have permission to cum please?
He said no!
I have to wait…

Pleasure is buring inside.

I said oh my gosh, I need to cum!
Please let me now!

He takes me and starts fucking me hard.
Fucking me really hard to where I just explode!
He then explodes and his orgasmic bliss is shared with me.

Wow! I allowed you and I enjoyed it!


The best way to use your vibrator

This is so intimate! How HOT!!!! is this? Both are receiving great pleasure from her pleasure.

Men don’t fear the vibrator! Let go of the mindset that you have to make her cum! You don’t! She allows herself to be free enough so that you both do it together.

One can’t happen without the other with a woman. When she feels safe she will allow herself to fully be free and will cum like running water. At least that is how it works for me.

Her pleasure is your pleasure, so sit back and enjoy the ride. How hot it is to watch her being pleasured, right???

Enjoy the ride, it is great for both of you!


I Feel the Heat From The Top Of My Head All The Way Down To My Feet

As I lay down, you look into my eyes, I feel your heat. You smile at me, and take my hand.
We intertwine our fingers, and you kiss my neck. I feel the heat from you lips all the way down to my feet.

There is no pain as something hot inside me begin to furl. My chest palpitates and my heart beats faster and faster.

You run your fingers down my skin and it is moist. My face is no longer smiling, instead, it is in intense pleasure from your touch

I don’t want to explode just yet from the feel as you stroke my face, neck, arms, breast, and work your way down to my wet spots deep inside.

The heat pulses and pour through  every orifices of my body, all I can do is inhale and exhale, as I am in ecstasy.

Who is in charge of this pulsing, throbbing and thrusting because at this very moment. It is not me! My body is taking charge of its pleasure.

All  can say is aaahhhhh! Bbbbaaaabbbbbyyyy! Don’t stop Superman.

I continually reach to grip tighter to whatever is in reach

My body shaking with intensity

Breathing quickly, eyes unable to focus, lips unable to mutter a coherent sentence.

My mind is partly cloudy, I can’t think, my brain is completely out of focus

Again I touch of my skin and it feels so moist, sticky but incredibly soft

Come close and taste, as I explode in ecstasy. What a delicious taste! What a beautiful scent.

Orgasmic Pleasure


I sit here and reflect back to some amazing times in my life.
Touching, loving, and fucking him were areas that had no strife
While we are no longer together, the thoughts sometimes move me to
a really calming place
Then when things happen that are challenging, I would run away
Fearless as I am. It is challenging to freely give my heart and stay
When it comes to being in a relationship that is calm, peaceful, freeing,
and light as a feather
Being with someone special and pursing a life together

Love exudes so many emotions
Stroking, flowing and with our special lotions
These thoughts when I am consumed with my thoughts
of our encounters and life that is soon to be sought
Touching, feeling, talking at the most inopertune times
Indulging my urges, with sensitivity and a smile

While I have moved on, I still like to reminense because we had
so many great times
Then leave those moments forever burned within my mind
I will always love you Superman! I know the same is true for you
Our love was so deep and nothing to ever be subdued

I am enjoying the motions of life, and experiencing what it holds for me
Welcoming new experiences and my destiny that remains to be seen

Superman, I wish you much luck in your future endeavors
Whomever you find, is for a life long relationship together