Up under the dress slow languid creep
as musky oil from the pouting slit into panties doth seep
Soft touch doth rise up over wet smooth silky thighs
midst soft moan and liquid sigh
Damp gusset spread
revealing the bud’s pink throbbing head
beneath tangled hair
luxuriant, moist and golden fair
Flesh on flesh raising breaths on breaths,
tender fingers the cunt’s swollen lips do fondle
the pearly bud feather-like caress, prod, and enter the gaping cleft
Middle fingers drink long and deep,
lips furled round that which it longs to keep,
inner lips outer lips with prodigious might
cling to the digits jelly fish-like.
Fingers thrum, thrust, gyrate and stir,
midst squelch, moan and soft purr,
the hollow becomes ablaze with swirling light
globes glisten and gleam, golden bright be-speckling the pubes like stars in the night
Fluids gush, spasms tight,
passions fires, rippling desires,
fanny suck, fingers crush,
heaving breaths gasp as lust dissipates and expires.

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