Adult Book Store – Unsafe Sex

……she took the biggest thickest dildo off the wall she could find
it must have been 13 inches it reminded of a movie I had seen
earlier with John Holmes. She took me by the hand and told me
to follow her.  She lead me to the front door where she turned
the sign around and locked the door, then we proceeded to the rear
of the store.

We went into a room with a dim light and a bed in the center and a
chair in the corner.  She ordered me to sit it the corner.

The girl went to the center of the room and laid on the bed.
This girl was 5’6″,35-23-35,she weighed about 118 lbs and she was
a total fox.She was wearing a white shear blouse with no bra so I had
a perfect picture of her nice tits and she had the biggest nipples.
She also wore a blue skirt with a nice opening on the side that
showed her perfect thighs.

I was totally hot by now looking at this beautiful creature laying
on the bed with the giant tool in hand.

She told me to remove my clothes and she would do the same she
wanted to watch me jack-off as she played with her hot box.

Moments passed….

I was sitting in the corner naked and she was now naked laying on
the bed with her legs spread giving a perfect view of her natural
blond cunt and you could see the juices flowing.

She took the dildo and rubbed it all over her cunt and then proceeded
to put just the tip inside her.  She told me she was thinking about
having my cock inside her.  As I watched her play with the toy
it made my cock harder and I started rubbing it thinking about being
inside that hot pussy.

The girl then put at least half of the toy inside of her.
She said,”I am going to cum”.  I told her to wait for me.

Moments passed….

By now she had all thirteen inches inside of her and you could see
the juices all over the toy she really had it lubed up.

By now I was really pumping my dick and I was about to cum and
the girl told me to cum over to the bed and when I cum shoot all
over her tits and as I was pumping harder over her and she was really
sliding the toy we were both about ready to leave the planet.

I said, I am cumming and she gave me a better view of her tits and
I shot a giant load of cum all over her. She rubbed it into her tits
and rubbed some over her lips to taste this and she rubbed some over
the toy and continued to play and I was getting dressed she smiled
at me and said,”Isn’t that the best demo you have ever had”.
I smiled and said,”DAMN RIGHT, THE BEST……

I left the store with only the blond and the thirteen dildo on
my mind.

by Anonymous Author (c) 1995

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