Zip Ties, Feathers and Blindfolds

Insecurely Confident


Do you know what I’m about to do
of course you don’t my sweet
so many tools at my disposal
await your little treat

On hands and knees upon the bed
with trepidation wait
my carnal thoughts you will fulfill
and lustful hunger sate

No binding on your hands or feet
I’ll give you what you seek
a zip tie crisp across your ass
a feather brush your cheek

With blindfold tight you cannot see
just what I have in store
fingers trace across your lips
you whisper you want more

I tell you “not a single word”
the zip tie cracks and burns
you revel in this little game
but for my touch you yearn

You feel the pain, a little slap
of plastic on your folds
wetness dripping down your legs
“Do not cum”, I scold

Nipples feel my feather dance
the zip tie contradicts
alternating pleasure/pain

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