Healed and Moved On!

It used to be really hard and emotional for me to look at these pictures of my superman and I since we are no longer together after 4 years. A very traumatic experience for me.

I have healed and can look at these and laugh and smile and know that I am in a good place. I am happy for him, as I know that our relationship was a catalyst to transformation for him.

I wish only love and happiness for him. I have moved on with my life. While I have no one new in it, I needed to cleanse my life of all the pains and hurt of this relationship.

I am doing great things with my life. I am training as a fitness model, have a successful career, successful real estate investment business and a thriving computer consulting company. So while I needed to heal from this relationship, I also had to go back and find me.

I did put school on hold once again, but I could not do it all! However, on hold does not mean forgotten. I am a DOER and not a TALKER! I will finish my psychology degree within the next year.

Love healed and moving on! So please enjoy the posts of our life. The words we shared with each other. Some good and some not so good. I can look at them now, and reflect with an open mind and heart. I see his pain, and see how I hurt him. I can look read these and see them from his point of view now.

What an amazing Aha moment, as I read these. One thing is true… There is his side, my side and the truth, which is somewhere in between.

Please enjoy, and learn what you can from our letters of love and pain! I have….

For the pain I caused you Superman I am sorry!


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