The Slave ii/ii ~ An Erotic Duet by Ax and WetBliss

This is absolutely delicious. I must have a pet like this…

Wet Bliss


Friday night, all tucked in his cage
Candles flickering, shadows billowing
The eve of his twenty-first birthday
Mistress appears in a long flowing gown
Wearing satin, colored the ripest Crimson
Stilettos that arch high, stockings to Her thighs
Ready to squeeze all of his seed
In the first hour of his growing need

Her Slave was prepared for this plight
Taken out of his cage and taught to stop
Pleasuring Her before this sacrificial night
In the silence She unlocked his cock
Rubbed his pulsating seminal fluid
Across Her lips to take in his essence
To drink the last of his pure innocence

Her senses keen, to his trembling breath
She places a kiss, on his lips, smudged
With the sheen from his vine
Where flows the forbidden nectar
Reserved in a cellar until time chimes
Stroking his shaft with long smooth caresses
Her eyes run deep into his with…

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