Missing You – By Superman!

“With my eyes open, I miss you.  I can still smell a hint of your perfume on my clothes and hands from hugging you, and that scent keeps rolling back and forth in my mind and making me think of you more.  It makes me think of pulling you close, and of that stolen kiss on the nape of your neck in the parking lot.  I miss the feel of your skin on my lips from that kiss too, even though it was just there for a moment.  It’s left me craving more of you.  I can picture these snapshots of you in my mind from today and from days past, and they make me miss being close enough to see and touch you.

Then I close my eyes, and I miss you more fully.  My brain wanders quickly to thoughts of you being close to me, and of your hands on my body.  I think of the feel of your lips against mine, and your fingers on my back as you pull me close to you.  I remember the feeling of your body next to mine, and the cravings I get to pull you even harder against me when you are so close.  I miss my hands exploring all over your body, and the sound of your breath as they do.

Now as I think about all of that, I’m missing you in other parts of my body too.  I’m missing your exploring hands on my body too, and the feeling of bare skin against bare skin.  I’m missing the look of passion on your face and the cravings I sense you have for me at times.  I miss being with you, and the feeling of being next to you.

As my pulse quickens and my body reacts to my thinking about you more and more, I miss being inside you too.  I miss the taste of your tongue and your skin, the look on your face when I please you, and the sensations and energy you give me with your body.  I miss you with every part of me, and can’t wait to be with you again soon.”

– Kevin

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