This made me salivate. 🙂

Wet Bliss


Thoughts of you force me to open my fly

This need feels like an out of control teen

Restricting me within tight skinny jeans

Pressure and tension grows quickly inside

Grasping lengths I’m unable to deny

Tight fist of muscle flexed like a machine

Handling these dirty images are obscene

A steady flow at the crown spread with sighs

Reaching further for smooth scrotum caressed

Rubbing perineum my head falls back

A matter of time I reach final crest

Circling taint area behind the sac

Squeezing the shaft as a finger is pressed

Over the edge with force leaving me slack

~Sonnet written from a male POV… What? Humor me 🙂

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Hearts Chained

I really enjoy reading your work.

Wet Bliss


Her body thrummed with anticipation as Dylan slowly and strategically laid the heavy chains in place. In the beginning, when Dylan asked her to do things that she didn’t understand and feared, Layla always questioned why, but now she could see the answer in his eyes.   His power over her was palatable and she could not resist the pull or the demands he asked of her. She wanted to do this for him, he deserved everything for the pleasure, protection and unwavering love that he gave to her in return. Silently, she watched as the cold, heavy chains were put in place that oddly made her feel safe. Once Dylan was through he took a seat a few feet away and simply admired her prone form and watched her squirm under the hefty chains that adorned her heated flesh as he patiently waited for every last bit of resistance to…

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