Rose Petal Love

When my narcissist and I were together intimately, my creative side was always unleashed. My visual, mental, and physical creativity just oozed out of my body. Erotic words spewed from my brain and turned into my opinion works of art!

Rose petals upon the bed

Satin sheets so soft
Hungers to be fed
In the arms of my love
His scent tantalizes my mind

Tender kisses of the lips
Chills to the spine
My lover he beckons me
He unbuttons my robe

Exposing black colored lace
Soft skin to behold
His strong hands touch lace
Pulling it to my hips

His mouth wanders as it tastes
I savor each kiss
His hands explore
Knowing their way

A slight opening of the knees
Anticipation conveyed
Kissing my neck
Bite of the breast

Bodies so hot
Each others needs confessed
A deep moisture within
He touched all he sees

Devouring with his lips
His passion to please
His body against mine
I tremble inside

Hands on my hips
Kissing my thighs
My sin is screaming
A thrust deep inside

The sway of my hips
Our bodies collide
Nails in his back
A kink in my neck

Soft sounds, then a moan
Clenching the sheets on the bed
A climax is heard
Then a thrust deeper than before

In unison we both erupted
Our rains just pour
We both lay in ecstasy
Skin against skin

Making love is so sweet
As we do it again
A bottle of wine
Candles light the room

Two lovers in bed
Each other they long to consume
She melts into his embrace
His hands through her hair

Finding her ear he nibbles
Feeling skin that’s so bare
Kissing her deeply
Their mouth’s make love

Slowly pulling off her black lace
The boiling of his blood
Tasting with touch
Softly biting her breast

His hands caress her hips
His desires confessed
Caressing her thighs
Gently opening her knees

Devouring her sin
So anxious to please
Soft moans fill the room
Her body thrashes about

Her muscles tighten in anticipation
A scream, then a shout
He enters her essence
A deep thrust within

Tasting and touching
Skin against skin
Together as one
Their bodies collide

In climatic ecstasy
Their rains drown them inside
Lying together
They can never have enough

The most sacred bond shared by two
Is sweetly making love

artist – unknown

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