Cum into my darkness – Artist Unknown

Of desired moist,
Flowing, flooding wetness…
If you can

Seduce your
Way into my cave
That far.

First, kiss me gently
Getting a good taste,
Of the sweetness,
Of my delicious mouth.

Then I want to be tongued
To death.

Second, nibble
Down my long
Swan-like neck

Taking time
To chew
On an ear,

Starting the wetness
Planting kisses
Down both shoulders

Third, linger on round breasts
Lightly massage
Round and round
Then place thumbs

On the pink centers.
Make erect nipples
Sing in pleasure.

Deep throat
Them into your mouth,
Tonguing nipples
Deeply inside your mouth,
Swirling the erectness

With wetness,
Hot and wild
Making me squirm.

Fourth, roam your hands
All over silky soft skin
Not missing an inch.

We go back to wild
French kissing

Fifth, run your tongue
From my round, perky breasts
Down to my sexy belly-button.

You are still fondling
My breasts
In pleasurable delight.

Sixth, start playing
With my wet clit

With one free hand.
Slowly blow
On my belly-button.

I will giggle
In sensual delight.

Seventh, put me in heaven
By sliding a finger
In and out,
Of my secret cavity
Very slowly.

Eighth, it is time to eat
To your hearts delight.
Lick me, suckle me,
Tease me, please me,
Make me horny.
Keep me begging
For more…

Taste my honey sweet nectar
Until you are full
And dizzy with lust.

Ninth, you are mine!
I want to suck
You good and hard.
Lick the salty
Flavor of your manliness.


I will run my fingers
Through your masculine
Chest hair.

Massage your tight ass
And draw
You closer
And deeper

Into my hot, wet mouth.

Ten, my turn again.
I will roll over onto my back
So, you can massage
My beautiful back and ass.
Maybe, if you’re bold enough,
Slip your tongue
Between my round, tight cheeks
And give me a licking
That will drive me wild.

Eleven, we are breathing hard.
Wild with horny, lustful desire.
Start sliding your fingers
Back into my sweet spot
While, you are back there.

Twelve, whisper in my ear
Every nasty thing
You want to explore
With me right NOW!

Thirteen might be your luck number
And your luck day.
I’ve rolled back onto my back,
With pillows under my ass.
You can lick my sweetness
Until I cum, cum and cum
For your energetic tongue.

Fourteen, I am close.
The sensations are tightening
My flat stomach.
Painted toenails
Are curling in euphoric pleasure.
My slim hips
Are rocking
Your head off
Your shoulders.
Electric sparks
Start inside my core
And spread
Throughout my entire body.
The release
Is so powerful
I shiver and shake
As the strong spasms
Move over my body
In waves
Of mind rocking carnality.
My animal instincts
Take over
And my hands
Grab your head
And pull you closer
For another
Wave of orgasmic

Fifteen, Cumming, over and over…
Heaving lungs and heart pounding.
Smiling from ear to ear,
With desire blazing like fire
In your eyes,
I take your hardness
Into my hot, eager mouth,
Sucking, licking…
Tasting your pre-cum.
Your rocking body
Is bouncing faster
With each thrust.
I know by the way you’re moaning
You are really close.
I pop your hardness
From my wanting mouth
And give your maleness
One last, long and wet lick.

Thinking! Are you worth it!
A lady has to think
At this point,
In the game of lust
Or love.

SEXteen, Go for IT !
I lay down sexily,
My nakedness
Spread wide
Inviting you into the darkest
Secret parts of me.
Dazzled by my final decision
You don’t hesitate.
Placing the head of your member
At the wet, dark mysterious
Opening of pleasure,
You gently and slowly
Push forward.

A manly groan
Of pleasure escapes
Into the dark shadows
Of the night.

Seventeen, inch by pleasurable inch,
Your mascot searches the darkness
For the end of the mysterious cave.
Finally, thrusting into a wall,
And bouncing back…

Oh! What a trip!

I think I’ll do it again and again…

Pumping like a piston
Working a machine
Faster, deeper and harder…

Drilling into the deep well
Searching for the main
Pleasure center
Of her core.

Eighteen, please…take it out
And eat me again.
Placing her feet
On his shoulders,
She pumps her ass
And hips

In motion

With his over eager tongue.
Moaning loudly,
She cums again
Within seconds.
Catching her breath
As she gets
On all fours.

Ninteeen, with a nice view
Of her beautiful, sexy ass
He thrusts into her juiciness
With one quick thrust.
They moan in unison.

Twenty, I’m too busy getting sexed-up to care!

Twenty-one, she has him reach
Around to fondle
A breast.
As he thrusts,
Into her heated, wetness,
With a frenzy.
Finally, she urges him to
Cum into my darkness.
She starts bucking.
He is hitting
Her wall of resistance
Harder each time.
They are both in a blind
Sexual un-awareness
So deep,
They hear nothing
Except the rushing
Of blood pumping
Through their veins
And their heavy breathing.
She feels him swell
And fill her.
Begging now,
Cum into my darkness!!
She pulls her ass closer
To him by arching
Her lengthy back.
This action
Pulls him deeper
With one quick
Backward thrust,
She bumps his member
Hard into her.
He starts a long, guttural
Manly moan.

Twenty-two, the hot, thick flow
Engorged her quickly.
Molten lava
Flowed freely
With each last pump,
Easing off reluctantly…

Twenty-three, exhausted, sated…sexed-out…
He falls on top of her back.
Then she collapses
To her stomach.
Wow! MMmmmm…
Their mingled cum
Freely flows
From between her thighs.

Twenty-four, they sleep
Cuddled together peacefully,
In a tangle of silk
Cum soaked sheets,
Until sunrise.

Twenty-five, the sun is peeking through
With vibrant colors.
They dreamily
Wake together
Still wrapped
In lovers arms.
She asks him this time,
Without seduction,
“Do you want to
Cum into my darkness, again?”

This was great! Every time I read it, I go back to a time when I was free to be me sexually!

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