There’s A Difference Between Love And Sex! Why Can’t I Have Both Of Them?

Thank you to for the quote from “illustratederoticsexpositions”, that sparked this piece of work. At the moment, I am feeling in my womanliness. Take that as you will, chances are you’re probably right! 🙂

Mantak Chia, leading Chi Gong master, said it best in one of his books.

To paraphrase, he said: “It takes 21 years for a man to know a woman.  7 years to know her body, 7 years to know her mind and 7 years to know her spirit.”  How many men are willing to take 7 years to know a woman’s body?  That alone could solve so many sexual problems.  And how many men would then be willing to spend another 7 years to know her mind, how she thinks, how he can say things in a way that helps her to feel feminine, sexy, beautiful, sensual and powerful?  And how many men would then be willing to go deeper into the psyche and discover the deeper knowing of her spirit?  How many women could spend 7 years discovering the nuances of how to pleasure their man physically, and then 7 years to truly understand how he thinks and feels, and another 7 years to assist him to open to his inner spiritual knowing?

Is She Making Love Or Fucking Him?

So this is very interesting. Is what we are experiencing now with our mate, having sex but playing the role of someone that is in love? Do you really know the person lying next to you? Their inner sexual desires? Their life goals, fears? I did not know my sexual desires until it was brought out of me. Now I love oral, dominatrix, and being the submissive one as well in the relationship. I like being the woman and taken care of.

But in the same breath is it wrong to just to fuck more than make love? Does that mean that you are not really in love with that person? Just curious! Lots running in my head after reading his blog.

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