I love this, as it was indicative of my past relationship.

Wet Bliss


Once, she was all that you needed
Embodying everything you’d dreamed
Enthralled by the mystery and intrigue
She took a risk and was outta her league

Relentless pursuit of her attentions
Ensuring she was absolute perfection
Wrapped up in a neat, pretty package
Edges were torn and slightly damaged

Captured by your charming charisma
Blatantly she ignored inner wisdom
It was stupid and foolish she knew
But she couldn’t resist loving you

All along she knew it could never last
Still she gave many pieces as time passed
After a while she found herself depleted
Knowing once again she’d been defeated

Restraining her with his cruel touch
Relief was felt from his releasing clutch
In the shadows she’ll once again retreat
Until she’s drawn out again by intense heat

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