Is It Wrong To Say That Size Does Matter?

Damnit! Size does matter. I don’t want a puny dick and someone talking shit that is unable to deliver! Damnit! I want to be fucked hard from the front and back. Told what to do! Fuck, take control of me! Man-handle my black ass! Dominate me and give me the best oral ever!

I am not going to lie! It’s great with a dick that is the perfect size and please don’t fuck me like a jack rabbit! I want slow and go with the motion. Follow my lead, and fuck me just right.



Lick and suck my pussy hard, but then not so much.

Grab my titties and have your way with them! Squeeze my nipples and oh my gosh, I will cream all over the place.

Is it so wrong to say that size does matter? To me yes it does and I will take one of these to go please! 🙂


Hard! Can I please have this to go with a side of oral?

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