Just The Thought Of You!

You come to me and push my hair softly behind my ear while you whisper to me your intent.
Pressing your throbbing, hot frame against me so our hearts beat as one.
Hear my spirit whisper back through my actions a tantalizing tale of cooperation.
You grow with anticipation as the smell of my body consume your thoughts.

Our lips lock together as yours linger on top of mine and your tongue traces the curves of my lips.
Gingerly kissing me sending chills up and down my spine.
You glide your hands down my body as I feel all the will to withstand you fade away.
My breasts responds as I absorb all of the sweet nothings you’re whispering in my ear.

arousal-images-12Looking at me intensely in my eye and they are saying just take me baby.
Feel me, drink all of me as much as you want.
My lover beckons the reaction of my body as you touch, lick, and breathe your hot breath all over me.
I have a major hunger or shall I say a need that is waiting to be fed.

I savor every second of this moment as our passion is fully unleashed.
The lightness of the touch from such strong hands sends my mind in ecstasy
As you grab my tousled hair and lean my head back and plant your lips on my exposed throat
Explicit thoughts possess my mind and my body immediately responds and I expel “I love you!”

Just the thought of you!

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