Let Go and Let Flow!

How are you supposed to let go and let flow? I remember, recently, I was lying in the bed next to
my Superman! I felt the hotness of his breath on the back of my neck. That was all it took. I am so  HOT for him! He knows where my spots are that stimulate and titillate me.

I had on a nice silky number as he stroked his hands across my breasts. I love when he does that.
Whenever he touches me through my nighties and I have nothing else on my breast immediately
respond. They saluted to his touch and obeyed his command and go firm in response. I slowly opened my eyes and say Good morning baby!

The thoughts are extremely erotic and downright nasty as images play out in my mind. I knew that pleasure was only moments away. I am “READY!” I want you are the words that are in my thoughts. I slowly slid my fingers down my backside only to touch his firmness! How strong and aroused he is waiting for me. It’s like he’s calling out to me. My body is heating up as he continues to circle my tits with the tips of his fingers on top of my lingerie. Wow, I am about to loose my mind! Damnit!!! That just takes me to the edge. I am so wet for you.

I tell you baby don’t stop that feels incredible! Just then, he slides his fingers inside of me and then inside of his mouth. He tells me how good I taste. I take his fingers and I put it in my mouth. I tell him, you know how good I taste, don’t you! You know you like the taste of this pussy! You need to smack this pussy with your cock! You’re right baby! My pussy tastes so good.

I grab and kiss my Superman so passionately. I am so HOT for YOU, I am HOT FOR YOU NOW!

We kiss, and I slide my tongue so far down his throat, down his neck, over to his ear, and I breathe ever so softly and bite them ever so lightly. Back down his neck, then to you know where.

I push my Superman flat on his back and I look you in your eyes and I say “I love you superman, I love you superman!” Then I slide my tongue down to your cock and have my way with you. Excited in pleasure you call out to me “LoverGirl don’t stop!” I obliged and continue pleasuring my baby. I love taking your cock in my mouth and down my throat. As I massage your cock with my throat I know that drives you wild! Why else would I do it!

You ache to be inside of me! You are so HOT for me, aren’t you? I am not ready to let go of your cock just yet. I see the fire in your eyes Superman, I feel the heat oozing from your body. “I want you, I want you now!” I want to be inside of you! I look up at you… I long for you, you long for me! The fire from the two of us is all that is occupying the space right now.

Take me! Slide your tongue in my pussy, and up and down my ass! Ah, is all that comes from my mouth as you now slide your cock inside my wet pussy. You stroke my pussy with the firmness of your cock. In and out, round and round. I climb on top of you. You like looking in my eyes as we make love. Damn! We just fit together so perfectly as you strokes in and out, round and round. Fast, then slow.

Baby make me cum, I am so close. Are you he says? Wait for me. I want to stay inside of you forever. I said oh.. you want to stay in me forever? I then climb on top of him and he cannot withhold much longer when I do that and we both explode together. How amazing!

Is that what they mean by “Let Go and Let Flow!”

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