Call of The Wild

How sensual! Absolutely enjoyed this very much.

Wet Bliss


Under the cover of silken sheets
In the dark, quiet, dawning hours
Bodies begin to stir and reach
Waking up appetites that devour
Firmly, warm bodies move in and press
Accelerating breaths and heart beats
Hands swiftly travel under night dress
Vibrating growls rise up from the beast
Prowling the length of my torso
Nipping gently along the path
Laps the sensitive, harden morsels
Lay perfectly still to avoid the wrath
Large paws tightly grip at the hips
Nuzzles my thighs ever wider
Bending down he begins to lick
Head is lolling back like a glider
Waking up to the call of the wild
Running feral, building up heat
Penetrates deeply getting me riled
Bringing me repeated release

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