Stuck In Love!

I watched a great movie early this morning like 3 AM  early called; “Stuck In Love.” The movie was about an acclaimed writer, his ex-wife, and two their teenaged children all having to come to terms with the complexities of love in all its forms over the course of one tumultuous year. The movie was quite enjoyable getting almost a 5 stars on Netflix, and I can see why. I won’t ruin it for you, but I am a hopeless romantic so you can guess why I loved the movie.

I ordered the book mentioned by Greg Kinnear called ” What we talk about when we talk about love.” It sounds like a great book. I will let you know what I think of it.

The quote from the movie that was most memorable to me is: “A realist just sees that face and packs it in with every other pretty girl they’ve ever seen before. A hopeless romantic becomes convinced that God put them on earth to be with that one person. But there is no God, and life is only as meaningful as you fool yourself into thinking it is. ” So which are you? I always believed and will believe that if you have faith and your love is true then you find the one who is for you.

I thought about this because it was so easy for my ex to move on and start fucking other women. Then I asked myself how can they do that? I had to clear in my mind that it had everything to do with me, and nothing to do with totally healing himself. Men don’t have the same emotional attachment as we as women do to love and sex. Here’s an interesting article that I found on the Huffington Post about; How to Develop A Realistic View Of Love.”

I guess I was happy that he had not found love yet, someone whose taken him off the market. I do wish the best for him, but part of me still holds out hope that it would have been the two of us. I surely don’t need a fuck buddy. I am not looking for one. I am not really looking for a relationship either, but I like being courted, and the chase of having a man pursue me.

When I think about my ex-fiance, I strongly felt that I was to be with him because I was to bring something into his life, and the life of his children. I know that I have done that already, but in my mind it was to last a lifetime. However, it brings up a very poignant point!  What is fate, and destiny of true love? What is a lifetime? Is it a season/reason, then the relationship ends? Just curious!!!!!

To Love! Stay open and go for love!

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