What an invasion! Why is that necessary?

All my writings that I have been posting were from the past and right after a break-up. I am now in a position where I can share these feelings and emotions that I had been feeling after my relationship ended with my fiance. However, I heard from someone that I know that he is stalking my blog! Please STOP!!! I love my site, and I will not run like I did from the last one! Just because you see them posted does not mean they are written on that day! It just means that it was the date that I posted it to my blog.

You supposedly moved on, so why are you on my page. I ran from my last page, but damnit! I am not running from this one…. I have so many friends and followers on this page. It is one of my most successful and quite frankly it is mine. Please move on and leave me alone!!!!

KRF, please stop stalking my site and allow me to move on and you as well. Don’t use my site as your therapy and then go and talk about me and what is posted on my site. I share my feelings, and I share what I enjoy from those that I follow.

Good bye!

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