I Feel the Heat From The Top Of My Head All The Way Down To My Feet

As I lay down, you look into my eyes, I feel your heat. You smile at me, and take my hand.
We intertwine our fingers, and you kiss my neck. I feel the heat from you lips all the way down to my feet.

There is no pain as something hot inside me begin to furl. My chest palpitates and my heart beats faster and faster.

You run your fingers down my skin and it is moist. My face is no longer smiling, instead, it is in intense pleasure from your touch

I don’t want to explode just yet from the feel as you stroke my face, neck, arms, breast, and work your way down to my wet spots deep inside.

The heat pulses and pour through  every orifices of my body, all I can do is inhale and exhale, as I am in ecstasy.

Who is in charge of this pulsing, throbbing and thrusting because at this very moment. It is not me! My body is taking charge of its pleasure.

All  can say is aaahhhhh! Bbbbaaaabbbbbyyyy! Don’t stop Superman.

I continually reach to grip tighter to whatever is in reach

My body shaking with intensity

Breathing quickly, eyes unable to focus, lips unable to mutter a coherent sentence.

My mind is partly cloudy, I can’t think, my brain is completely out of focus

Again I touch of my skin and it feels so moist, sticky but incredibly soft

Come close and taste, as I explode in ecstasy. What a delicious taste! What a beautiful scent.

Orgasmic Pleasure

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