Dominate Me! I Just Discovered I Like It!


This image was so beautiful and safe that I had to pull it from one of my followers blog and write about it!

Now in all actuality, it could be interpreted multiple ways, but because I am exploring domination, I totally love it.

My pleasure senses just kicked into high gear.
As the man I love and desire is getting near.
The sunlight is starting to set.
Till dawn and the moon begins to crest.
I can’t help but feel aroused.
Pleasure is about to be shroud.

We are get ready to play, and lay, and explore until our body quivers.
Quivers uncontrollably, until we start to go insane.
Am I afraid?
I am afraid!
He’s not afraid.

This is new for me.
This is new for him.
Giving up control you see.
Him giving up control to me.
You now control me and I obey.
I now control you and you obey.
Well, at least for today.

I am in the heat of desire as you tell me to undress!
You pull out a latex catsuit, pumps, and lay out handcuff, whips.
There is a swing hanging from the ceiling and a chair with stirups in the corner!
I smile, you smile, and we smile together for what awaits us.

You are a sensual lover who liked to take your time.
It is truly about the pleasure of the both of us.
I please you and you please me.

Exploration of each other in our nakedness.
That is just fabulous as I explore your strongness of your cock.
It feels so strong, hard, and firmly erect.
I can’t wait any longer, and I take you in and suck, lick and stroke
you with my lips and down my throat.

You are shaking with pleasure and you loose control.
The urge to take me and fuck me hard is so intense in you.
Language is foreign and not available at the moment.

You lay me back and part my legs and express your love for me with your tongue.
Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Baby, Baby, don’t stop baby! Yes, suck my pussy, lick my clit!
Up down that clit, round and round that clit! Tongue in and out my pussy! Work it baby!
Oh, go baby! Don’t stop baby!

Wait! I say to him…. I want to dress for you.
I slip into my latex for him and demand he lay down!
I then control him.

He likes it.
Now his turn.

He tells me to come to him!
I obey.
He pushes me to my knees!
I obey.
He sticks his cock in my mouth!
I obey.

I suck and lick until he is ready to explode.
He pulls away.
Picks me up and puts me in the swing.

He gets on his knees.
He pleases me.
He sticks his cock in my pussy and fucks me.

I plead with him to fuck me more!
I ask him to fuck me harder!
He complies.

I ask him to send me to bliss please sir?
He says no! I have to wait until he’s ready!
My vibrator comes out and he places it on my clit.

I scream in pleasure and ask sir, do I have permission to cum please?
He said no!
I have to wait…

Pleasure is buring inside.

I said oh my gosh, I need to cum!
Please let me now!

He takes me and starts fucking me hard.
Fucking me really hard to where I just explode!
He then explodes and his orgasmic bliss is shared with me.

Wow! I allowed you and I enjoyed it!

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