It Is OK To Grieve Love

I  read this great article and I am sharing it with you all today. After life’s tragic events happen to us as women, we don’t have to show everyone how strong we are and not grieve. We show our strength by grieving to our friends.

Grieve! Go through the pain! Don’t miss out on the healing that goes along with that process.

It’s OK to cry! It’s OK to allow those that want to be there for you to be there for us. As we recover from a relationship that failed, feel the pain.

We exclaim that we hate that person, but in reality we love that person. It has been said that “It is a thin line between love and hate.” I choose to not hate, but I am unsure if that is the case with him because everything was always my fault and he could never accept responsibility for any fault of his with the demise of our relationship.

I am still choosing to come from the space of love. I will not forget the painful moments, but I am choosing to reflect on love and the greatness of the relationship. I was so afraid to love, and with this relationship I was not. Beautiful moments for me and those I cherish and carry forward.

So don’t fear love! Head towards LOVE fearlessly, but smarter.

There’s no shame in fear, what matters is how we face it!

Happy Loving!

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