No Matter What, Just Want to be Loved…

Wet Bliss

Subconsciously, I might have had this song in my head when I wrote my last post, so I thought it’d be a perfect rock your ass-off-hump day song!

Here’s another cause one is never enough. I’m a big Jacoby fan, not quite a groupie, but I’ve seen him one, two, three times. Ok fine, maybe four or five times, I lost count, so what!!! Papa Roach plays a lot around LA. Cut my life into pieces, another kick in the teeth, burn, these scars, forever,thrown away, broken home, change or die.

To Be Loved…I want domination
I want your submission
I see you’re not resisting
To this temptation
I’ve got one confession
A love deprivation
I’ve got a jet black heart
It’s all fucked up and it’s falling apart

Whoa I’ll never give in…

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