How do you thank someone – By My Superman!

How do you thank someone
for looking into your soul
and telling you what they see?

How do you thank someone
for trying to put you
in the best light possible?

How do you thank someone
for giving of their time
when they have so little?

How do you thank someone
for caring enough
to tell you when you’re wrong?

How do you thank someone
for instinctively knowing
what needs to be done, and helping you do it?

How do you thank someone
for helping you
bring a brighter future?

You thank them,
you thank them,
and you thank them again.

You show them your gratitude
however you can.

Then you show some more.

You let them know.

You leave them no doubt.


BlackBeautee1 – Beautiful, sexy, smart, chiseled, strong, curvacious, slender, long, soft, feminine, sensual, sensuous, and sweet smelling.
The warmth of my body as I nestle up to him. He feels so strong, sensual, hard, steady, confident, and delicious.
The nickname he has for me, and I really like it is “BlackBeautee1”.
He sees me as very physically fit.
Intellectual, a giver, as well as softness is my role. Balance, fairness, and our giving of each other. Taking life day to day.
Not needing the other to be the one that makes us happy.

BlackBeautee1 – slender, softness, beauty, sexy, mysteriously unpredictable. Growing together and constantly evolving.
No assumptions of him, and living in the moment. Sexually exploratory, and always open to sexual experiences.
Solidarity, and integrity are the fuel of his desire. Freedom to talk openly and honestly. Expressing what he fantasizes about. Expressing what I fantasize about.
Knowing what I want. Him knowing what he wants. Honest discussing my fantasy about wanting to be with different men, in different scenarios in my relationship with him. I expressed that to him and asked what he thought about that. He said that he sometimes fantasizes about being with other women. Is that wrong? No it’s human nature… People are people.

BlackBeautee1 – Can a couple be monogamous in relationships? Yes, you can because it is a choice. Its nice to be able to talk openly about this, and really take the relationship day by day. Knowing that your human, that he’s human. Things will happen, but you can survive them if you recognize how you two work as a couple.

Lying on his chest, sliding my hands across his chest. Allowing the passion to flow between us. My sculpted body. His not so sculpted body. That’s OK because I like that… After sharing our fantasies with each other and affirming our commitment to each other. We kiss, and oh that kiss is out of this world.
Exploration, sensuality, thought-provoking, love making.

Exhaling, as he touches my pussy! My body is starting to get warm, and his lips are gently sliding up and down my body. But when they reach mine, I start to shiver.

BlackBeautee1 – I tighten, and grasp his head. At that moment, I release and explode. He then finds my creamy filling, and stroke, slides, and glides inside and out. When he can’t take no more he explodes, and I feel all his creamy goodness inside of me.

He says softly, you are my “BlackBeautee1”

I want the love of ……

Yummy, delicious, sensual, strong and fun….to be with you lying in bed as we stare at each other.
You turn to me and smile, this the light that light my life.
The scent of the night before pleasure forces us to reach out and touch each other. You know what follows after that?
Um, is what you moan as I slide my hands down and start stroking your firmness. I hear how much you’re enjoying that so I make my way down to your cock as I kiss and lick and slide my tongue to your pleasure spot.
You moans grow faster, you pull me closer, you grab my hand and pull my lips from your firmness and kiss me so strong.
Then you say “Lovergirl” I want you forever. I love making love to you.
I turn and say, I don’t want to make love to you! I want to FUCK you!
Come here and let me FUCK you, and you go limp. You love it when I take control and talk dirty to you. I want to FUCK you to where there is nothing left. I want all your HOT cum! I want it! I WANT, I WANT IT NOW!
Warmness comes, and you are at a loss for words.

I smile, because I know my work here is done! Morning FUCK sessions are the best! You are always ready for me, it’s so easy to hop on and go for a ride.

One song that comes to mind is “Superman, man, man…. I love my Superman, man, man… Do it to me Superman, man, man… Superman

You laugh and say I love you T-Baby. I say to you, that I love you to sweetie.

Wow! what a dream, as this love is gone. Never to be no more.

Trip down memory lane. Nice moment of reflection.

Immediate Gratification… Is It Worth It?

I dated a man that was always about the immediate gratification. While I understand that men are physical and sexual creatures. They should respect women enough to make them feel special while in their company oppose to objectifying them. A gentleman always chooses the option to LEARN to control his penis and redirect that energy to other occupations in life that will bring him long term happiness over short term orgasmic gratification. Not all desires are good for us in life. There are people who are shallow thinkers, and people who choose to look deeper. If a person chooses to stay shallow and go for immediate gratification, he will pay a price in his life of shallow, less fulfilling relationships.

We have the right to choose that or not, the choice is ours. While this lesson of being with someone like that was a very painful one for me. It opened my eyes and allowed me to see and meet a really great guy. He’s tall, good-looking, funny and successful. However, I find myself distracted. I find that I do not want to put in the work of moving on to a different potentially better relationship. Why? Why is that?

It is time for me to move on and to understand this powerful challenge men have that I as a women generally don’ t have. I learned that men are just that… primal creatures that have a strong desire to look and have sex or should I say FUCK other woman. EVERYDAY!, Every waking moment of the day!

But good men know how to control that urge and make their women feel respected and desired. So in learning this lesson, I no longer see what happened between my ex and I as an act of disrespect I have learned and understand that primal desire within a man! It is my job to quell that desire of the beast and work diligently to keep his focus on me.

I am not insecure any longer, and honestly I never was until a few months ago. I am back to my confident self. I don’t know if having this information would have benefit me in my most recent break-up. No idea, but the past is just that… the past. I accept the lesson for what it is.