Tall and Handsome pt.2!

As I get to know you tall and handsome, the experience is so refreshing
What a way to end a beautiful night
Being in your arms, after a night of sharing our desires for each other

While I had to work, it was so sweet as you laid there, watching me do my thing
Asking questions to understand me and what I do even more
It was late, pretty close to midnight, and you had to hit the road at 5AM
No complaining, just enjoying me, poking fun at my at what my so called work entailed

The explosion on our sexual pleasures as we licked, touched, you fucked my pussy so good
All I could say was Oh my gosh! Fuck me baby! and before you know it

Sexual explosion

What a great way to say goodbye to you for the weekend as you traveled to see your baby girl at school
Next time we’re at my place, so I can lay, and play with you all night, and all day

My tall and handsome

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