A surprise tie up

This really is a story from a friend.

She lived out her fantasy with a man that she met, he was a
photographer and she was a high flying corporate sales person.

He was incredibly sensual, the kind of guy that all your friends
are wondering about, in-that-kinda-way.

They met out one night and he took her for dinner, she was sensual
too, but didn’t like talking about sex. She liked having it but
whenever all the girls got together sex and the city style to catch
up on the latest gossip, she was always tight lipped about who she
was seeing and what they were like in bed.

So it came as a surprise to all of us, after a couple of lychee
martinis one night, she piped up and told us a very steamy tale
indeed. We were just grateful it was about the photographer as it
quenched our desire to know what he was like between the sheets.

Apparently he started out fairly gently, he was a sensual lover who
liked to take his time. Us women know that this is the kind of man
who is here to please… let’s face it, selfish lovers have their
time and place. Everyone loves a slow build up. So at this part of
the story we were all perched on the corner of our seats sipping
our cocktails wanting more details.

He was kissing her neck, undressing her slowly and gently removed
her bra. She was sitting on the edge of his bed with just a
g-string on now, nipples erect, excited about what was to come. She
still doesn’t know where it came from, but he reached around and
tied a silk scarfe around her eyes so she couldn’t see. Oooo kinky
she thought… He kept kissing her and then held her hands above her
head. Another scarfe appeared and he tied her hands gently together
and pulled them above her head. He wasn’t speaking, he didn’t have
to. He smelt incredible, earthy, sweet, salty, he felt amazing. He
continued to kiss her, over her silk g-string and down her legs.
She started to moan as he turned her over… Parted her legs, pulled
aside her g-string and penetrated her unexpectedly.

The shock made her body ripple with pleasure, she was instantly wet
and urged him to fuck her hard with words and by arching her back
towards him. Without free hands, she felt completely selfish, a
contrast she wasn’t expecting given she was vulnerable and not  control.

He pulled her hair gently and firmly grabbed her hips. Being fucked
while blindfolded with her g-string still on was giving her
sensations and friction she had never experienced, she felt an
instant build up and started a crescendo to an earth shattering
orgasm. He slapped her ass gently as she came and drove deep into
her to maximise the pleasure, just as she was coming hard, he
withdrew and started licking her, taking her g-string down and
burying his head between her legs. She came harder, another
unexpected move that her body responded to with pleasure and

He then rolled her onto her back and penetrated her again, she had
only ever come once a time during sex and by this stage she had
lost count, he rode her gently and hard and she came again and
again. Dripping wet, wriggling all over the bed, just when she
thought it was all over, he took the blindfold off and used it to
tie together her legs. He fastened her hands to the bed head and
rolled her on her side, legs bound together he parted her again
from behind and fucked her until she fire worked into a finale that
nearly sent her head spinning.

He kissed her back, untied her and took her in his arms. He didn’t
utter a word and she was too fucked after coming more times than
she could count to speak. They lay there in a satisfied moist
warmth for an hour before they started another session.

How many of us women wish to be taken and dominated from time to time?

It’s totally hot! I long for experiences like that. Share your fetishes, and desires. Make them happen.

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