I sit here and reflect back to some amazing times in my life.
Touching, loving, and fucking him were areas that had no strife
While we are no longer together, the thoughts sometimes move me to
a really calming place
Then when things happen that are challenging, I would run away
Fearless as I am. It is challenging to freely give my heart and stay
When it comes to being in a relationship that is calm, peaceful, freeing,
and light as a feather
Being with someone special and pursing a life together

Love exudes so many emotions
Stroking, flowing and with our special lotions
These thoughts when I am consumed with my thoughts
of our encounters and life that is soon to be sought
Touching, feeling, talking at the most inopertune times
Indulging my urges, with sensitivity and a smile

While I have moved on, I still like to reminense because we had
so many great times
Then leave those moments forever burned within my mind
I will always love you Superman! I know the same is true for you
Our love was so deep and nothing to ever be subdued

I am enjoying the motions of life, and experiencing what it holds for me
Welcoming new experiences and my destiny that remains to be seen

Superman, I wish you much luck in your future endeavors
Whomever you find, is for a life long relationship together



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