Ah, Solitude

Someone I once loved told me that I need to slow down and smell the roses. Did I believe him? No absolutely not!

Now that he and I are not together, I miss thinking about smelling the roses. So what am I doing now???

I am smelling the roses! I am taking pictures, running, volunteering, school, competing as a fitness model (instagram – blackbeautee1), spoken word poet, and oh yeah – dating. Well that one I am not excited about… It’s nice, but I am not really into it! I am working on my goals, and really giving them my energy.

                      This is one of my favorite pics that my Superman took and shared with me. I just love it…


I don’t know if I want to date right now. I just don’t have time. I make him last, it’s so reminiscent of my last relationship. I am generally busy, but now I am filling my life with things that allows me to breathe and feel a personal sense of accomplishment.

I compete in October in a body fitness competition and I am focused. I ran a 5k Saturday and came in 42nd, but I had on an extra 20 pounds of weights. I ran with a 15 pound weight vest and 5 pounds of ankle weights. By the end I was barely able to lift my legs.

I volunteered at a triathlon on Sunday, and met some amazing people. I played with a drone; I mean, this just would not have happened if I had not stopped and smelled the roses.

Some advice is good advice. I am willing to admit that.

Guess what Superman, I listened finally!

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