BlackBeautee1 – Beautiful, sexy, smart, chiseled, strong, curvacious, slender, long, soft, feminine, sensual, sensuous, and sweet smelling.
The warmth of my body as I nestle up to him. He feels so strong, sensual, hard, steady, confident, and delicious.
The nickname he has for me, and I really like it is “BlackBeautee1”.
He sees me as very physically fit.
Intellectual, a giver, as well as softness is my role. Balance, fairness, and our giving of each other. Taking life day to day.
Not needing the other to be the one that makes us happy.

BlackBeautee1 – slender, softness, beauty, sexy, mysteriously unpredictable. Growing together and constantly evolving.
No assumptions of him, and living in the moment. Sexually exploratory, and always open to sexual experiences.
Solidarity, and integrity are the fuel of his desire. Freedom to talk openly and honestly. Expressing what he fantasizes about. Expressing what I fantasize about.
Knowing what I want. Him knowing what he wants. Honest discussing my fantasy about wanting to be with different men, in different scenarios in my relationship with him. I expressed that to him and asked what he thought about that. He said that he sometimes fantasizes about being with other women. Is that wrong? No it’s human nature… People are people.

BlackBeautee1 – Can a couple be monogamous in relationships? Yes, you can because it is a choice. Its nice to be able to talk openly about this, and really take the relationship day by day. Knowing that your human, that he’s human. Things will happen, but you can survive them if you recognize how you two work as a couple.

Lying on his chest, sliding my hands across his chest. Allowing the passion to flow between us. My sculpted body. His not so sculpted body. That’s OK because I like that… After sharing our fantasies with each other and affirming our commitment to each other. We kiss, and oh that kiss is out of this world.
Exploration, sensuality, thought-provoking, love making.

Exhaling, as he touches my pussy! My body is starting to get warm, and his lips are gently sliding up and down my body. But when they reach mine, I start to shiver.

BlackBeautee1 – I tighten, and grasp his head. At that moment, I release and explode. He then finds my creamy filling, and stroke, slides, and glides inside and out. When he can’t take no more he explodes, and I feel all his creamy goodness inside of me.

He says softly, you are my “BlackBeautee1”

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