I want the love of ……

Yummy, delicious, sensual, strong and fun….to be with you lying in bed as we stare at each other.
You turn to me and smile, this the light that light my life.
The scent of the night before pleasure forces us to reach out and touch each other. You know what follows after that?
Um, is what you moan as I slide my hands down and start stroking your firmness. I hear how much you’re enjoying that so I make my way down to your cock as I kiss and lick and slide my tongue to your pleasure spot.
You moans grow faster, you pull me closer, you grab my hand and pull my lips from your firmness and kiss me so strong.
Then you say “Lovergirl” I want you forever. I love making love to you.
I turn and say, I don’t want to make love to you! I want to FUCK you!
Come here and let me FUCK you, and you go limp. You love it when I take control and talk dirty to you. I want to FUCK you to where there is nothing left. I want all your HOT cum! I want it! I WANT, I WANT IT NOW!
Warmness comes, and you are at a loss for words.

I smile, because I know my work here is done! Morning FUCK sessions are the best! You are always ready for me, it’s so easy to hop on and go for a ride.

One song that comes to mind is “Superman, man, man…. I love my Superman, man, man… Do it to me Superman, man, man… Superman

You laugh and say I love you T-Baby. I say to you, that I love you to sweetie.

Wow! what a dream, as this love is gone. Never to be no more.

Trip down memory lane. Nice moment of reflection.

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