Are You There Yet?

People want what they want in a mate
But when they get what they want and they are not able to handle it
When they get it and are ill prepared, it’s disastrous!
It is a bad thing for the relationship future.
You try to cover for them and say “oh it’s just a small lie.”
But that only steam rolls into bigger and bigger lies.

You are involved in a major catastrophe.
Children are involved, and how do you separate yourself from the children.
Won’t do that one again, glad that I don’t have to.
My new guy is very light, and so patient.
He’s been great as I continue in my healing, and this shows me what a ROCK he is.

I am really liking him.
Distractions are good and great for clearing the mind.
He allows my love in, and doesn’t question if I like him, if I am going to leave him.
It’s nice to just allow the relationship to flow.
He’s vulnerable and trusting and allowing me into his life.
I love that! How refreshing! I wish I would have had that with the person that I am still in love with.
I am committed to experiencing this great relationship because he’s so wonderful.
Again, be careful what you ask for. You have to be ready for it. When you aren’t it can end disastrously.

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