Getting Wet With You Babe

My baby walked into the house and after he took off his last sneaker,
I gave him that look as I stepped into the shower.
I wiped the water from the glass shower door showing him that I am washing myself, then he stopped and took a glance,
I said hey baby, I am really lonely by myself in this big ole shower all by myself.
He smiled and said to himself “it’s my chance!”
How lucky am I to be with her.
He stepped in and rubbed soap from the top of my head on down to my legs,

Lovergirl, he exhaled and quivered as he was trying to speak. But exhalation was all that needed to be said.
He smiled and pulled me close and gave me the most amazing kiss,
Again from the top of my head, around my tits, and down to my clit, then to my ass, and that part he better not miss.
I spread my legs and expose the opening of all my honey goodness and nothing more is to be said.
My honey goodness explodes as he goes in and out my slot,
It’s so wet, and our shower just became more hot
He grabbed me by the legs and lifted me up in his arms
Takes his manliness and slides in and out, in and out, and in and out he does that repeatedly.
I couldn’t take it anymore and I explode all over him and slide my tongue around his cock uncontrollably

This was sooo HOT!

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