My Heart Sings On

I have loved and been loved so much in my life.
I have great friends, along with current and past love interests.
What a special time I feel to be me.

I just received the best love note from a love of long ago.
My heart opened and filled with joy. Because I have always and still do very much love him.
I thought for a moment, why is he reaching out to me?
I hurt him deeply! What does he want?

He was telling me how much he missed and thought of me
How while he tried moving past our relationship, he could not.
Of course, I thought he did not mess up it was me!
Why is he saying this?

He was my every thought; morning afternoon and night.
I love his food, his touch, his voice and most of all his wit and intellect.
He was extremely zen like. Calm, soft, gentle, and steady.
I was not ready for it, I continued to push and I ultimately lost him.

I thanked him for reaching out to me and I closed the conversation.
What does that mean? Is there something that can develop between he and I in the future?
Not right now. I am not ready. I need to CLEAN and CLEAR my HOUSE.
I just recently experienced what he (Eli) was speaking of regarding our relationship.

My lover and I ended our relationship. Tough one for me.
It was exhausting, so I can imagine what I must have been like for him.
What does my future hold? I am fearless in what happens next in my life.
I am looking forward to it.

I forgive my lover, I know what he was going through emotionally. It was hard for him.
You will get the lessons, and I hope learn from them. I will always be there for you.
Don’t fear your future. I ask that you clear your heart. DO THE WORK of healing.
That is most important. Otherwise, you will not move on. You will continue to do and be the same.

If you don’t grow, you stay stagnant no joy will come to you.
You can mask it, but it always shows.
You said to me; “Thank you for illuminating and gesturing so much positivity in the world.”
That is truly who I am. I walk in that way of BEING everyday and EVERY thing that I do. What way of being do you walk in?

Please don’t walk in pain; bitterness, revenge, and hate.
I know you; the person you are outside the pain, and the person you strive to be.
Stand in that because I know you can do it.
Blessed to have known and experienced you.

Love always!

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