What do I say? Love is very powerful.
I met someone really wonderful
I have other prospects that my friends have found for me
But why do I think about the good times of a past love

I had such great plans for with my past love

They were delivered in the mail right after Florida
Our surprise were really pleasurable, and they were very sensual things

But turmoil happened and everything changed
We are no more and when I look at the presents for us
I continually think about what could have been

While the departure was for the best
But reflection is a BITCH!

Meeting new people is fun and exciting
However, when you’re not really ready it’s more daunting that exciting
Perseverance is the direction to take
It will get better and the thoughts will lessen

I don’t really want them to go away
I enjoy reflecting because it reminds me that I loved relentlessly
I am capable of deep love

No regrets, it was beautiful
Well… the painful parts were just that!

That’s why air is so fulfilling
I am enjoying the experience of being courted

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