I have a friend of mine that received some dire news and he is not expected to live much longer.
How do you handle news like this? What do I as his/her friend do with this information?
What do I say to them as a couple?

This cat… is such a good person, where it makes you want to cry out “WHY HIM?!”
His wife is so wonderful, and has such agreat spirit! You cry out and say “WHY HER?!”
What’s next? What do you do?

Well, you do the obvious and you are there for your friends, and you support them.

What’s next though

I have been examining my life since hearing this news. I am in love with someone that has some flaws.
But do I love him still, yes I do! Very much! Am I in love with him still? Yes I am very much!
What if this was the end of the line for me? Would I want him there with me?

He once said to me that “I am not allowed to die before him!” That was an order, and not a request!
Would I want him there? I would want to hear him say “I love you!” one more time before I left this earth.
I would tell him one last time that I love him.

What’s next?

Since this is not possible for either of us. We’ve both crossed the line of NO RETURN! We’ve hit below the belt.. There is no turning back. No amount of saying I’m sorry will fix what was broken between he and I.
I will forever be his lost love, and he will always be my “Superman!”

He was that for me, at least in my eyes anyway.

But death makes you think about things. Do I want to reach out to him and say that I am sorry? Yes, I do.
Will it do any thing in terms of salvaging a friendship or just some level our courtesy between us both?
Well I can do it, but I am not sure that he can.

I have met and have been interacting with some very good looking guys; making lots of money, and seems like overall good people.
But what I have seen him with are women that look like transvestites and not attractive at all.
I still love him, and I am stuck in this very weird place…

When I dream at night, I see this image of myself in a running position. But I am unable to move…
I change directions, and the hue color changes as well.
What does this mean?

I am unable to move forward for some reason and this dream has an awful lot to do with it.

Life – many facets of life

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