Thank You For The Memories

Goodbye KRF,

I want to thank you for the good and bad times we have shared.
But it is time for me to move on and close this chapter of my life.
It has been a learning experience where I learned some valuable lessons.
I will carry them forward in my life.

Our time was great together and I loved in a way that I have never loved before.
That is what was so hard to let go of.
I know each encounter is for a reason and prepares us for what’s next in our life.
I am moving on, and letting this chapter of my life close.

There will be no reaching out to you. I deleted your phone number and blocked all means of communication that was open between us.
No checking on your children.
This is the end of the road for us.
I wish you well, and hope you find someone to make you happy.

Take care,


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