Are You There Yet?

People want what they want in a mate
But when they get what they want and they are not able to handle it
When they get it and are ill prepared, it’s disastrous!
It is a bad thing for the relationship future.
You try to cover for them and say “oh it’s just a small lie.”
But that only steam rolls into bigger and bigger lies.

You are involved in a major catastrophe.
Children are involved, and how do you separate yourself from the children.
Won’t do that one again, glad that I don’t have to.
My new guy is very light, and so patient.
He’s been great as I continue in my healing, and this shows me what a ROCK he is.

I am really liking him.
Distractions are good and great for clearing the mind.
He allows my love in, and doesn’t question if I like him, if I am going to leave him.
It’s nice to just allow the relationship to flow.
He’s vulnerable and trusting and allowing me into his life.
I love that! How refreshing! I wish I would have had that with the person that I am still in love with.
I am committed to experiencing this great relationship because he’s so wonderful.
Again, be careful what you ask for. You have to be ready for it. When you aren’t it can end disastrously.

Getting Wet With You Babe

My baby walked into the house and after he took off his last sneaker,
I gave him that look as I stepped into the shower.
I wiped the water from the glass shower door showing him that I am washing myself, then he stopped and took a glance,
I said hey baby, I am really lonely by myself in this big ole shower all by myself.
He smiled and said to himself “it’s my chance!”
How lucky am I to be with her.
He stepped in and rubbed soap from the top of my head on down to my legs,

Lovergirl, he exhaled and quivered as he was trying to speak. But exhalation was all that needed to be said.
He smiled and pulled me close and gave me the most amazing kiss,
Again from the top of my head, around my tits, and down to my clit, then to my ass, and that part he better not miss.
I spread my legs and expose the opening of all my honey goodness and nothing more is to be said.
My honey goodness explodes as he goes in and out my slot,
It’s so wet, and our shower just became more hot
He grabbed me by the legs and lifted me up in his arms
Takes his manliness and slides in and out, in and out, and in and out he does that repeatedly.
I couldn’t take it anymore and I explode all over him and slide my tongue around his cock uncontrollably

This was sooo HOT!

My Heart Sings On

I have loved and been loved so much in my life.
I have great friends, along with current and past love interests.
What a special time I feel to be me.

I just received the best love note from a love of long ago.
My heart opened and filled with joy. Because I have always and still do very much love him.
I thought for a moment, why is he reaching out to me?
I hurt him deeply! What does he want?

He was telling me how much he missed and thought of me
How while he tried moving past our relationship, he could not.
Of course, I thought he did not mess up it was me!
Why is he saying this?

He was my every thought; morning afternoon and night.
I love his food, his touch, his voice and most of all his wit and intellect.
He was extremely zen like. Calm, soft, gentle, and steady.
I was not ready for it, I continued to push and I ultimately lost him.

I thanked him for reaching out to me and I closed the conversation.
What does that mean? Is there something that can develop between he and I in the future?
Not right now. I am not ready. I need to CLEAN and CLEAR my HOUSE.
I just recently experienced what he (Eli) was speaking of regarding our relationship.

My lover and I ended our relationship. Tough one for me.
It was exhausting, so I can imagine what I must have been like for him.
What does my future hold? I am fearless in what happens next in my life.
I am looking forward to it.

I forgive my lover, I know what he was going through emotionally. It was hard for him.
You will get the lessons, and I hope learn from them. I will always be there for you.
Don’t fear your future. I ask that you clear your heart. DO THE WORK of healing.
That is most important. Otherwise, you will not move on. You will continue to do and be the same.

If you don’t grow, you stay stagnant no joy will come to you.
You can mask it, but it always shows.
You said to me; “Thank you for illuminating and gesturing so much positivity in the world.”
That is truly who I am. I walk in that way of BEING everyday and EVERY thing that I do. What way of being do you walk in?

Please don’t walk in pain; bitterness, revenge, and hate.
I know you; the person you are outside the pain, and the person you strive to be.
Stand in that because I know you can do it.
Blessed to have known and experienced you.

Love always!


I have a friend of mine that received some dire news and he is not expected to live much longer.
How do you handle news like this? What do I as his/her friend do with this information?
What do I say to them as a couple?

This cat… is such a good person, where it makes you want to cry out “WHY HIM?!”
His wife is so wonderful, and has such agreat spirit! You cry out and say “WHY HER?!”
What’s next? What do you do?

Well, you do the obvious and you are there for your friends, and you support them.

What’s next though

I have been examining my life since hearing this news. I am in love with someone that has some flaws.
But do I love him still, yes I do! Very much! Am I in love with him still? Yes I am very much!
What if this was the end of the line for me? Would I want him there with me?

He once said to me that “I am not allowed to die before him!” That was an order, and not a request!
Would I want him there? I would want to hear him say “I love you!” one more time before I left this earth.
I would tell him one last time that I love him.

What’s next?

Since this is not possible for either of us. We’ve both crossed the line of NO RETURN! We’ve hit below the belt.. There is no turning back. No amount of saying I’m sorry will fix what was broken between he and I.
I will forever be his lost love, and he will always be my “Superman!”

He was that for me, at least in my eyes anyway.

But death makes you think about things. Do I want to reach out to him and say that I am sorry? Yes, I do.
Will it do any thing in terms of salvaging a friendship or just some level our courtesy between us both?
Well I can do it, but I am not sure that he can.

I have met and have been interacting with some very good looking guys; making lots of money, and seems like overall good people.
But what I have seen him with are women that look like transvestites and not attractive at all.
I still love him, and I am stuck in this very weird place…

When I dream at night, I see this image of myself in a running position. But I am unable to move…
I change directions, and the hue color changes as well.
What does this mean?

I am unable to move forward for some reason and this dream has an awful lot to do with it.

Life – many facets of life


What do I say? Love is very powerful.
I met someone really wonderful
I have other prospects that my friends have found for me
But why do I think about the good times of a past love

I had such great plans for with my past love

They were delivered in the mail right after Florida
Our surprise were really pleasurable, and they were very sensual things

But turmoil happened and everything changed
We are no more and when I look at the presents for us
I continually think about what could have been

While the departure was for the best
But reflection is a BITCH!

Meeting new people is fun and exciting
However, when you’re not really ready it’s more daunting that exciting
Perseverance is the direction to take
It will get better and the thoughts will lessen

I don’t really want them to go away
I enjoy reflecting because it reminds me that I loved relentlessly
I am capable of deep love

No regrets, it was beautiful
Well… the painful parts were just that!

That’s why air is so fulfilling
I am enjoying the experience of being courted


It’s so interesting that when you drop a load how light you feel.

I am no longer feeling heaviness.

I feel light as a feather.

He’s so sexy, tall, smart and a great conversationalist.

He feeds every sense within me.

I feel that every time I talk with him that my body is absorbing every word like it moisturizer.

It stays with me and clings to me, and eventually oozes into my body.

I have never felt this way, just by talking with someone.

I cannot imagine when I am finally intimate with him.

Our connection is so amazing!

The best man won!

I look forward to my future.



How refreshing it is to be drama free.

Truly, no ego issues to compete against.

Men that have goals

Men that are clear on direction

Men that do not have a wandering eye

Men that know how to treat a woman

This is what I have been missing.

I could really get use to this!

What took me so long to leave!

Refreshing, never going back!