Want a kiss, and where to kiss!

May I kiss you?
Who knew what you wanted to do
Man, the taste of your lips
So amazing, that it stays in my memory
Your tongue lightly flicking around my tits
As it circles around my tits, you slide down to my clit
Oh my God, I want you
Do you want me?
All I can say is don’t stop
Please me, don’t you stop
YEESSS is all I can muster
As you lick my labial lips with your tongue
Sliding around and down my body
Gliding inside and out
Over and over again and again
I don’t want you to stop loving me, licking me
Tickling me, exploring me, as you slide your tongue down my clit
I close my eyes and I feel and explore your lips against mine
Feeling your lips back against my lips
You slide your cock inside of me
As you thrust and thrust and thrust again
Your cock just working my pussy
As my pussy tighten around your cock
I slide you out of me and into my mouth
As I suck, lick, and love your cock
The sensation is driving you insane
I repeat
I climb on top of you and I sway with the motion
Then to back and forth
You love every moment of it as it is written all over your face
Because we are the perfect mates
We have chemistry that is so amazing
That I just squirt all over the place
I ask again, can we do it again?
As you look, I see no words are necessary

I love you! (exhale!)

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