I want to be your companion

And have you be my champion

Walk this earth hand in hand

Knowing my heart is safe is you plan

Your strength envelops mine

Into one we are combined

As we explore this earth together

Doesn’t matter the season we can weather

Storms, cloudy days, doesn’t matter

We will conquer it with love and laughter

Sharing our nights we are not afraid of the dark

I love you is what you remark

Your dreams become my own

We can do anything as long as we’re not alone

I want to see you smile all the time

And know your thoughts like it’s sublime

Become friends as well as lovers

Because it’s a big world for us to uncover

Find each others passions

To where it moves us into action

You carry a different type of softness

That makes you easy to trust

I want to be naughty

That makes us join constantly

My desire is for you to please me and to please you

To where we’d want each other forever and say “I Do”

I want you in the shower and in your bed

At the end of the day as well as after we’ve wed

Share our breakfast, lunch and our dinner

Reminence upon times when we were thinner

Because of our strength and trust in each other I bring you coffee

Your strong, soft, confident, with no desire to be cockey

When we make love the power of your thrust

Stays in my mind because you never rush

You take your time and give me great pleasure

Protect me body and savor it like it’s a hidden treasure

Your lips are the fuel of my desire

Of them I will never tire

It is no secret my love

I want you!

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