We begin our busy day hurried
Too fast to even speak
Fast to where our lips never meet
Stop wait, retreat!

You are safe here, I am safe there
Slow down and wait for me to share

Thump, thump

That’s the sound of my heart beating

Thump, thump, thump

Hold me close as it is repeating

As you approach closer

Thump, thump, thump, thump

My love in my heart starts to bolster

Then the smile that comes to my face
as you come near
Now safely inside
my love has no fear

You grab your thighs to feel me close
I feel a fiery well up inside

Stroke me with your mind
Stroke me with your mind
Stroke me with your mind

As I relax and close my eyes
You undress me as I undress you
Grabbing you from your waist
then kissing your lips then your nose.

Stopping, waiting, listening

While our hearts explode

Rapid beats of passion
Rapid beats of love
Rapid beats of lust

You’re my oxygen I breath
En-gulping your breath deep within
With every thrust
En-gulping you deep within
With every thrust

These feelings are nostalgic
En-gulping every last ounce of you
because for you I am an alcoholic

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