Pleasure Wake-Up Call

Pleasure Wake Up Call

He kisses me softly all through the night
He touches me gently all through the night
There is no need to set the alarm
He is my wakeup call
The pleasure of it all is the thought of
of waking up with him

As the morning sun rises and the darkness fades away
I reach over and he quickly rises
I feel his warm body, and strong cock
and I press my breast against his backside

I blow my hot breath because with each stroke his passion flows
I rub his shoulders and slowly move down his back
Squeeze your balls and around to his ass

I touch and touch, as I slide my hand around to your chest
and move my body closer to yours
As I do, you push your body back against mine

When you do, my nipples become erect
As he turns to touch me, my nipples stengthen
and my pussy starts to quiver
Longing for your touch

You grab me, and wrap my legs around yours
Pull me to you as your tongue flickers around my nipples
Your cock is already pulsating and quite strong

Just the moment I have been waiting for
My lips and tongue stroking up and down his back
around to his cock

I suck, stroke, caress, and touch you all over as my lips are sucking on your back
your hand are now turning me around as you slide down to my sweet spot
The sensation of it all turns me on and runs through every inch of my body

Your tongue and fingers start dancing on my clit
roaming in and out and around my pussy
Steamy love making exudes us as the sunlight peeks through the window

Good morning Superman! I love you…

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