Never to Exist Again

Relationship is about forgiveness and compromise

Nothing that you want to despise

Things like ogling at other women

Makes it hard for us in the end

There is nothing as painful as heartbreak

Leads to love straying away

Where’s the trust

Where did the love go

Was the magic lost or was it all for show

Trust, love, truth was never present with you

Especially how you lied today oppose to the truth

Denial is a pretty sad thing

Which is why we had to end

The words you wrote, was that pretend

Now we are what you consider has been

Instead of talking to me your best friend you lean on another

Why is that?

Because I was not in the mood to talk about it

Not fair, I have every opportunity to think thing though

Then you lied and went to lunch with another

All the while telling me how much you love me and want to remain with me





These all describe what you represent to me



Never to exist again

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