The Man You Deserve Is The Man I AM

Warmth, and love.
Like wrapping my heart in a blanket.
Worshipingat your side as you work and
Your smiling glances let me know I’m the one.
I’m the apple of your eye.
I feel it now, and 
I’m not afraid.
I finally believe it’s true.
Yes, the intent and delight
it made it through my thick skull.
I’m feeling as special as I truly am.
I get it.
It’s funny now, my focus has changed.
I’ve redirected.
It’s gone from
“Am I worthy?”
“How can I deserve her?”
Perhaps it’s subtle
from several points of view
but to me the tilt
is profound.

I’m not worrying anymore if you’ll find a better man.
I’m concentrating on being that better man.
My woman need not search elsewhere if…
I can be what she needs me to be.

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