I want to be your companion

And have you be my champion

Walk this earth hand in hand

Knowing my heart is safe is you plan

Your strength envelops mine

Into one we are combined

As we explore this earth together

Doesn’t matter the season we can weather

Storms, cloudy days, doesn’t matter

We will conquer it with love and laughter

Sharing our nights we are not afraid of the dark

I love you is what you remark

Your dreams become my own

We can do anything as long as we’re not alone

I want to see you smile all the time

And know your thoughts like it’s sublime

Become friends as well as lovers

Because it’s a big world for us to uncover

Find each others passions

To where it moves us into action

You carry a different type of softness

That makes you easy to trust

I want to be naughty

That makes us join constantly

My desire is for you to please me and to please you

To where we’d want each other forever and say “I Do”

I want you in the shower and in your bed

At the end of the day as well as after we’ve wed

Share our breakfast, lunch and our dinner

Reminence upon times when we were thinner

Because of our strength and trust in each other I bring you coffee

Your strong, soft, confident, with no desire to be cockey

When we make love the power of your thrust

Stays in my mind because you never rush

You take your time and give me great pleasure

Protect me body and savor it like it’s a hidden treasure

Your lips are the fuel of my desire

Of them I will never tire

It is no secret my love

I want you!



We begin our busy day hurried
Too fast to even speak
Fast to where our lips never meet
Stop wait, retreat!

You are safe here, I am safe there
Slow down and wait for me to share

Thump, thump

That’s the sound of my heart beating

Thump, thump, thump

Hold me close as it is repeating

As you approach closer

Thump, thump, thump, thump

My love in my heart starts to bolster

Then the smile that comes to my face
as you come near
Now safely inside
my love has no fear

You grab your thighs to feel me close
I feel a fiery well up inside

Stroke me with your mind
Stroke me with your mind
Stroke me with your mind

As I relax and close my eyes
You undress me as I undress you
Grabbing you from your waist
then kissing your lips then your nose.

Stopping, waiting, listening

While our hearts explode

Rapid beats of passion
Rapid beats of love
Rapid beats of lust

You’re my oxygen I breath
En-gulping your breath deep within
With every thrust
En-gulping you deep within
With every thrust

These feelings are nostalgic
En-gulping every last ounce of you
because for you I am an alcoholic


I see the warmth in his eyes as he arrives.  You can tell how much he loves me
I shine… I glow… I beam radiance but I cannot let him know…
I want that love wrapped around us all the time
As we face our challenges, we will persevere
I want your arms around me, and my arms around you
I wish your heart around me, I wish my heart around you
Our love whispers so subtle in each other minds with that soft voice
Tickle, tickle she loves you, tickle, tickle he loves you is their love song
I want us to grow, as that special love glows

Shiny, Shiny… is the love we have.


Pleasure Wake-Up Call

Pleasure Wake Up Call

He kisses me softly all through the night
He touches me gently all through the night
There is no need to set the alarm
He is my wakeup call
The pleasure of it all is the thought of
of waking up with him

As the morning sun rises and the darkness fades away
I reach over and he quickly rises
I feel his warm body, and strong cock
and I press my breast against his backside

I blow my hot breath because with each stroke his passion flows
I rub his shoulders and slowly move down his back
Squeeze your balls and around to his ass

I touch and touch, as I slide my hand around to your chest
and move my body closer to yours
As I do, you push your body back against mine

When you do, my nipples become erect
As he turns to touch me, my nipples stengthen
and my pussy starts to quiver
Longing for your touch

You grab me, and wrap my legs around yours
Pull me to you as your tongue flickers around my nipples
Your cock is already pulsating and quite strong

Just the moment I have been waiting for
My lips and tongue stroking up and down his back
around to his cock

I suck, stroke, caress, and touch you all over as my lips are sucking on your back
your hand are now turning me around as you slide down to my sweet spot
The sensation of it all turns me on and runs through every inch of my body

Your tongue and fingers start dancing on my clit
roaming in and out and around my pussy
Steamy love making exudes us as the sunlight peeks through the window

Good morning Superman! I love you…



The bedroom door swings open
slowly on its hinges a creaking
revealing a long curvacious silhouette
in bed a sleeping

A giggle in the darkness
sounds erotic, enticing, intriguing
maybe thoughts of a recent rendezvous
flashes back while she is dreaming

A strong object in the darkness
requests a sudden meeting
Soon the sounds of love making
begins and heavy breathing

The bed soon rejoices
in their song of squeaking
but wait we have to be careful
of the noises

There are little ones abound

Making love is wonderful

He’s My Superman

He’s my Super-man!

Here I am. Looking at my Superman at the door. He is happy to see me. I am happy to see him. Nothing is said, but so much is said. He grabs me from behind. Turns me around and give me the best kiss ever! I mean the best kiss ever. But, we can’t… we are just now seeing each other after weeks apart.

It has been a long four weeks since we were last together.

Our bodies longed for each other.

Time was of the essence….

The way our bodies connect, it is so amazing.

I love this man! He loves me. He wants me. We just cannot stop touching each other. We cannot stop looking at each other. Smiling at each other. We were standing there like it was the first time we met. And the only words that I could silently speak were “Make love to me.” With that look, he answered, and he kissed me until I was out of breath. He touched me and read every thought that was in my mind…. Take me, take me now.

My brain tried to kick in and say no wait… I have to work, I have to be in class. But my desires took over, and my body was floating. Feeling my super-man! Loving my super-man! It was delicious.

My body was in such heat where you could hear my heart beating as our tongues touched and as I felt his breathe on my skin I wanted to take him more.

This man really loves me, loving everything about me… my looks, intelligence, body, skin, smell, and my life goals. I love him more for loving me that way. That makes me more and more turned on by him. I want to make love to him just for that alone.

We kissed, and his tongue circled and nibbled my breast. He took his tongue down my belly, to my slit. I tried to stop him but it was too late. He was in my sweet spot and I lost control. I never want him to stop. At this point I melt and pull him to me, and we kiss, and kiss and kiss again.

I taste myself and I tastes so good. I smells so good, so sweet. Jasmine vanilla and it drives him crazy.

He tells me over and over that he is all mine. I know this, but because he pauses for me. He listens, and gets me to stop. That frightens me. The “Runaway Girl” wants to step in and then leave.

I am walking in faith, and trust. He listen to me and comfort me. That is so HOT! HOT! HOT!

Just then he starts to unbuckle my pants, and rips them off. Pushed me on the bed, and ripped off his shirt, and his pants. I was motionless, I just wanted him to ravish me any way he wanted.

Naked and aroused, he was strong and hard. Hot! He began kissing my neck, breast, lips, and he went inside me with his cock. He moaned and said “Oh My God”. My favorite phrase.

I wanted to touch his manliness. But no… not yet. I enjoy feeling him. I melted and closed my eyes.

He stopped and then took me from behind. I engulfed my soft full pussy lips over his pulsating cock.

I wanted to show him how much I wanted him. I wanted to used my mouth and my tongue to please him, but sensing the powerful thick response of his firm cock. Showing so strong, proud and stout.

When I hear his pleasure, it fuels my pleasure. He moaned, I couldn’t stop. He moaned more, and I couldn’t stop. Not until he released his cum inside of me.

I love how his cock loves my pussy. He is so thirsty for my pussy, and my pussy thirst for his hard cock. He can keep going, and going, and going.

Finally someone that can keep up with me. Um!

I felt hot all over. Shivery and pulsing with a need to cum. Don’t move, I need to tighten the muscles of my pussy and to the rhythm of his passion to matched him stroke for stroke.

I am no longer in control, my body is ready to release, I can no longer hold it. He is so close to intense pleasure. I drove him deeper and deeper inside of me. Then with one swift movement, he released. All of his muscles tensed and he spilled his cum all inside of me. I climaxed around his cock.

What a great feeling!

He loves me…. he loves my body. He wants me again. But I cannot. My brain starts working, the clock forced my brain to start working.

I love you Super-man!

Old Love Becomes New

Let’s say that old has become new again

How does a new beginning begin

Will the pain remain the same

Or a new outlook because of change

Beauty deep within evolves

Comfort from the past




Beauty deep within evolves

A new outlook because of change

Growth changes the pain


You begin to breath again

You begin to smile again

You begin to love again

What was special is revitalized

The specialness within him hypnotizes

I remember what it was that drove me to love him

Memories – nights looking at the stars

Memories – nights listening to the coyotes

Memories – nights making love

Memories – nights touching, talking and listening

Love has been reborn

What is meant to be will be

New Mexico is where I will be

Love lives there you see

The more we talk