Heat of Our Desire

Man the evening is approaching and getting nearer

The sunlight is starting to set and the moon is beginning to crest

I see the night time stars as the light hits your eyes

As the darkness sets up the mood, scents so succulent

My favorite song playing soft and low

As romance fills the air

I can’t help but feel aroused

Without a single care

I submit to your embrace

While candles flicker and I see your face

I smell your body as you call out my name

My doing that seems to drive you insane

As I look into your eyes

My body feel so alive

With every touch my body quivers

Expecting passion to be delivered

As you answer with a sigh

You hands move up my thigh

My body explodes and comes alive

Incredible ecstasy is what we strive

I am the heat of your desire

As we slowly begin to undress

You start to lay me down

My breast you begin to caress

When our lips touch and we kiss

The taste of them you can’t resist

I give you so much pleasure

The depth I’m unable to measure

Us in each others arms

Safe and secure, no cause for alarm

To this love that we aspire

Through the heat of our desire

I Feel the Heat All The Way To My Tips

As I look down, I look at my hands, my fingers all the way to my toes.

They along with the remainder of me is curled as if I’m in pain

I touch myself, my skin is not taught as it use to be. My face no longer smiling, it instead it is in intensity

Why am I fighting this pain which is buried deep within

Pain changes to heat as it pulses and pour through  every orifices of my body

Who is in charge of this pulsing, throbbing and thrusting because at this very moment I’m in ecstasy

I continually reach to grip tighter whatever is in reach

My body shaking, trembling with intensity

Breathing quickly, eyes unable to focus, lips can no longer mutter a coherent sentence.

The mind is partly cloudy, can’t focus

A touch of my skin feels moist, damp but incredibly soft

Come close and smell, what a beautiful scent

Breathe, open your eyes


The more I resist

Deeper and deeper
My love for you persists

You’re embedded inside my chest

Seeds of love planted
Deeper than the rest

Do I nurture this or run away

That is whom I’m known to be today

Is it that obvious
The way I feel for you



I want to stay

Connected forever for life

I Loved You

I loved you for who you wanted to be

I loved you for who you dreamed yourself to be

I loved you for the effort you put into change

I loved you for the feeling you felt from change

I miss your effort that you put into change

I miss how you loved me

I miss how you felt in my eyes

I miss superman walking to my door

I miss the connectedness of Superman and Lois Lane