Deep Surrender

You grabbed my hips and pulled me to you hard. I completely surrendered and arched my back while you continued to pull me up against you. I felt the build up in your pants and push away while keeping ahold of your ass.

I’m going to fuck you is what you said to me. I said no you aren’t… you’re going to make love to me. I couldn’t believe how easily that flowed from my lips all the while, I tried denying the undeniable feelings we have for each other.

Our bodies unable to hide the desire, the rippling in your pants shows your pronounced desire, exploding erection. It felt like heaven as it touched me. I gasped and you slid into me. My muscles tightened around your cock as you

gripped me in extreme pleasure. You thrust faster and harder and with every thrust I respond. I move faster and faster to match your motions, I moan as you thrust. I let loose my hot juices all over your hard cock. Just as I released my

pleasure, you could no longer contain yourself. You released your cum, and exhaled in pleasure because we just shared the most passion filled hot moment ever.

Our love is forever lasting

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