To You, My Unrequited Love

Hey you… Yes, you
We were good as morning dew
It had been said that our love will never be over
Now you are a mere observer

You want me, but not me
Not until your faults you can truly see
For you those words cannot be said
That you, were a major contributor to this dread

I am the runaway girl, but did you ever look at why
Then analyze within you, what pushed me to fly

You did not, but instead you chose to blame
Is there a status you were wishing to attain
Now I saw farewell, good luck and so long
I will move on and remain strong

Poof – One, two, and three
I am a ghost to you as you are now to me

I feel lighter than what I felt in a long time
Tailoring my words, just to be kind

No more allowing you to chisel away at my goals, desires and dreams
Because they are far reaching than you were able to see
May God send you a love that matches yours
Endless love so there will be no remorse

For nothing I want more, than your eternal happiness

Bye my requited love

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