In the brightness of the sun,
You look at me and say that I am the one.
You give me wings so I can fly,
Because I soar when you’re nearby.
I’ve been a prisoner far too long you see.
Break my boundage chains and set me free,
Strip my armor, as it was oh so tight,
I won’t dare put up a fight.
You take my heart and break down the wall,
I’m ready to watch them fall.
To release my soul held deep within ,
I’m ready now so let love begin.
Exploration shared and a new
Just like a dream come true
A thought so soft and tender.
Your gasp is like sweet surrender
My whispers are the result of desire
With passiosn fueling the fire
No promises to be kept
Don’t look back or have regret
Our longing to hold each other
Due to our commitment to one another
No words are to be spoken between us
Knowing, no muss no fuss
A release from passion’s flame
There’s not a brief moment of shame
Because of such precious little time we share
While we’re together never a care
No lies being told tonight
With the memory of this beautiful special night
Being lonely is the only crime
I will cherish each moment as our special time
Time moves on and bring sorrow comes
After our time together is over I will be left lonesome

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